1D Day – The Best of Harry Styles

1D Day – The Best of Harry Styles

Four hours of Harry Styles in less than 15 minutes. Featuring a lot of unnecessary yelling, bad puns, innuendos, babies, and of course, the Talk Dirty video….

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Maryam Touray says:

*HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO OUR YOUNG SEX GOD,+Harry Styles. They are now and
officially a men-band. :)))))))*

Alexa Tironi says:

Happy 20th Birthday to my future husband and the MAN with the best hair.
Love you!!! Xoxoxo

Kieran says:

Apparently I have hair like Harry, check it out 

hopefullysinger says:

I couldn’t stop laughing!! Harry is such a dork! This is why I love him so
much! 😉 

Janelle Ho says:

omg he’s such a loser, how can someone not love him

Gal Hillel says:

i love you harry!!

Riki Valgardson says:

Love, Directioners everywhere :)

Potentially Katie says:

this video is totes funny

Kayla Manning says:

Have the chance to be here and SHUTUP!!!!!!

Melanie Brown says:

i didn’t even realize he payed off the judges during the cook off lol

zoe styles says:

Happy birthday Harry styles you are so cute and hot.I LOVE YOU HARRY

China Ugly says:

Really harry peeing in bushes

Holly Nicholl says:

I love u sòoooooooooòoooooooooòoooooooooooooo much xxxo to Harry

Winnie Merpin says:

Lol I laughed when I saw him pay the judges :D

Maria Acevedo says:

what is the song are you guys playing?

Brenda Reyes says:

Harry is killing me

Chloe Austin says:

harry is mine

Sara Birk says:

nialler and harry wthout shirtsis OMG and harry and zayn dancing is OMG too

moe caez says:


Ciarra Connors says:

I love love love harry and Larry

Diana Aldana says:

3:22 was cute, Harry with a teddy bear. 7:44 through 10:19 was so cute and
hilarious. 11:06 was so funny

Chloe Katzer says:

” I really like your pigtails” naw

Keeley Chandler says:

Awe our little baby

mlove1444 says:

the thumbnail puctire is so sexy

lara trementini says:

Harry ♥♥

love crocodiles says:

Omg! This is fricken hilarious! I laughed the whole time!!! 

Jalesa Drakes says:

How can you not love Harry?????? :)

Emma Brinkworth says:

Harry is the perfect combination of a dork, gorgeous man, and a talented
human being. Can we just take a minute. Also, I just made a video edit of
Harry on my page, if you check it out that would be AWESOME. 

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