#20 Syracuse vs #4 Connecticut Big East Tournament Quarterfinal 03/12/09 (6OT) (Full Game)

#20 Syracuse vs #4 Connecticut Big East Tournament Quarterfinal 03/12/09 (6OT) (Full Game)

Regarded as one of the best (if not the best) games in College Basketball History. Game Starts @ 5:00 All rights belong to ESPN/NCAAB. No copyright infringem…

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Gage Langston says:

Coach should have taken out adrien after the first mistake

trav W says:

Hahahaha Eric Devendorf’s face at 2:49:01 – 2:49:04 in the 6th OT.
Hilarious :D

Ethan C says:

Adrien was the reason uconn lost

Mike Smith says:

One of the best games i ever seen!!!

cheesemantwo says:

Playing in the Australian League he had an All Star season and is being
looked at by several NBA teams

jt diltz says:

you should upload kentucky vs indiana game when indiana won

Trent Thomas says:

This is wen I officially became a cuse fan

Joe Dirt says:

Was on the timberwolves but idk where he is now

Eric Lehmann says:

It’s a shame Flynn got injured and is now inadequate to play in the nba

Steve TBY says:

Thanks for an amazing upload.

NoDrkButtsWanted says:

What happen to Johny Flynn? Where is he?

leander de souter says:

that shot at the end of regulation tho

iplaybasketballjj21 says:

@iDoItBIGson keep them coming

Nathan Bradley says:

if you could find ’06 big east tournament that would be awesome!!! great
job bud thanks

zkurtz21 says:

Granted i am bias but i think this was the greatest college basketball ever

imfromtheville says:

It might just be me, but it always seemed like the ball would just clank
off the rim at Madison Square Garden. It doesnt seem like that anymore but
up until a couple years ago it always seemed like it had to be a perfect
shot to go in. Kind of like those double rims you see at parks. Idk though.
It was only at the Garden though.

patrickbama1234 says:

Great game… what was the record for the most overtimes? 6 or more?

swishtrack says:

thank you, from a UConn fan. Please, tell your conference to let UConn into
the ACC! Imagine that conference: UConn, Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville, NC
St., North Carolina, and Duke! wow….please, don’t leave UConn in limbo,
we don’t deserve it!

RandomGli says:

You should upload today’s game vs. Villanova

lowdenjake says:

Quality. Still, hail to Pitt!

LifeInInfrared says:

Cuse fan here, but that was a pretty big travel at 2:50:23 right in front
of the ref.

Munk451 says:

it was 7 I believe in 1981 before the shot clock was implementd as
Cinncinatti played against Bradley

icube987 says:

Best college basketball game I’ve ever seen.

iDoItBIGson says:

Just uploaded it. Sorry it took me so long

iDoItBIGson says:

I will if I find it

Eagles Dukefan says:

I would have took uconn over notre dame basketball nd basketball sucks too
be honest.But its all about football smh

Alex Hooper says:

I love how I clicked half way through the video and regulation was just

tcoom76 says:

Out of all the Cuse players who would have thought Kris Joseph would be the
last one to play in the league?

modliteracing123 says:


TheEaglesfanindc says:

watched every minute live great game 1 of the best college hoops games i
ever seen.Gonna miss the big east from a acc guy.

J cubbie says:

thank u for the upload .. i still remember where i was watching this game
an instant classic!!

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