A Conversation Between JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe

A Conversation Between JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe

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HarryPotterAdmirer says:

Harry Potter is so Amazing, no word can describe how much I love Harry

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

Lets get 2000 Likes

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

21 death eaters

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

Come on guys I thought Dumbledores Army was about doing something real, or
was that just words to you. Lets beat these death eaters down.

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

Now 11 death eaters have disliked this. Their joining forces.

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

6 death eaters have disliked this 

Benjamin Brodeur says:

Wait JK Rowling doesn’t like america??? I’m not sure if I’m very
comfortable listen to someone that does. that’s ummm my country woman. XDD
at 16:00-18:35 they are just into the convo lolol

Shonaripa says:

Is Daniel still this way in 2013? Isn’t he like 23 now or so? And still
acts like a nervous 14 year old girl. Pretty strange. Would be ufnny and
tragic if when he’s 50 he’s still talking like this. He can’t seem to ever
be sincere and relaxed and at least PRETEND like he isn’t so worried of
what other people think all the time.

Biscuitchris7again says:

Looks like Dan had his wisdom teeth out right before this interview.

DeBlazeUs says:

Daniel sounds like he has a nose full of cocaine. And is high at the time. 

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

You met Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)

Melody Stella Fey says:

I’m a hardcore Harry Potter fan, but I personally don’t feel that there’s
should not be more books after the 7th. Leave it be. I know alot of you
dont understand, but why alter, extend..?
You know, this series is perfect the way it has become. 

Lee Claxton says:

What an amazing interview. Thumbs up if you watched it all!

Kim Hudson says:

21. Be careful, keep your wand with you at all times

DacyAndEric says:

Sometimes it is still really hard to remember that no more Harry Potter
movies will be coming out. I mean, we grew up with this series, we grew up
with the actors, as a majority of us were the same age as them when it
started. Year after year. It’s like.. when the movies ended, our childhoods
ended. It was finalized… and it was sad.

INK Spawn says:

It’s like watching a man having an interview with his God.

Baltoen says:

Aauw!! Lupin could have survived! Lupin was one of my favorites:(
I’m one of those people who wanted his Daniels eyes green. But I also love
green eyes 😀
Daniel being “hyper” and engage reminds me a little of Harry Potter on
Felix Felicis ^^’ 

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

Go to my channel and watch my new video Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2 Behind the Magic – Part 1 of 5

Nicki M says:

Love Harry Potter soo much, an have always had a bit of a soft spot for Tom
<3 xx

Fernanda Aliada says:

I want to see in the big screen The Tales of Beedle the Bard or the
background stories about the Harry Potter characters, she said in another
interview about she wrote the entire story of the Death Eaters

Chris Ten says:

Andrei jikh

RubikMaster13 says:

33 death eaters now

Richie Siegel says:

Dan’s permanent excitement reminds me of me when I’m particularly happy and
feeling something special. That fits, because if I were the face of the
most amazing franchise ever, a millionaire and a very recognizable face, I
would definitely be that excited and giddy all of the time. Love the books!

Alexis Eidt says:

+deblaze no he dosent

91clarie says:

I always thought I’m the only one who finds Emma way too pretty to play
Hermione^^ But she’s a brilliant actress, I love her, and she portrayed
Hermione very well! But when I’m reading the books (I still read them from
time to time, or at least parts of them) “my” Hermione (the one that I’m
imagining in my mind) still looks different, similar to JK Rowling’s ;)

Leyley Lula says:

After deathly hallowes would there be another i dont no maybe about ther
kids or something

Monja Danischewsky says:

You heard her rise and march

MyAnime90 says:

I definitely can’t have been the only one that started to tear up a bit at
the ending song. 🙁 

MirandaH96 says:


Cool Program says:

29 death eaters are still alive. Someone contact Neville!

Bollalillo says:

I love Harry potter aswell. I waited and waited for each movie to come out.
But! i dont think Daniel Radcliff is a good actor. Im my opinion tho.

h*a*p*p*y.p*u*r*e says:

27 Death Eaters

Shen_star says:

i cant believe i hadnt seen this already. So amazing!! I miss harry potter
more than ever

jakesparkes19 says:

harry potter is amazing

Justin Diedrich says:

I’m surprised they didn’t talk about the Weasley twins, but especially
about the first Dumbledore actor dying, and how she felt about
that…would’ve bee interesting to hear her thoughts.

Binali P says:

For me I think Lupin had to die- if not for the reasons that Jo said then
just for poetic-ness because I feel that even though Lupin had a family he
was always alone because all Marauders had died and the IMO the Marauders
were his first family and at the end they were reunited in death

imature Le says:

Awkward start but yet so good.

Fencer Dave says:

Wait. Lupin was supposed to make it? Curse you, JK Rowling editor for
killing my favorite character!!!

emmelineysun says:

It has ALWAYS annoyed me that his eyes look nothing like Lily’s.

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