A Conversation with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe

A Conversation with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe

A conversation about all things Potter between Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and J.K. Rowling (Author). http://pixelallies.com/rowling.

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George Holman says:


Lauren Angelini says:

Did anyone else notice this was published on Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday? 

Rahim Teller says:

i’m a grown man hooked on this.. smh I went down to Orlando to universal
studios and went crazy in harry potter land. i bought 5 wands

Amélie Voyages says:

these vids keep my writing going

Elisabeth Berg says:

I love the tings Sherry saus about Dumbledore having a tragisk lo

ian hubbard says:

you would think he would at lease offer the woman a drink

George Hactivsm says:

We want more. I will write a new book,if you don’t,and thats a promise 

PhantomsAngel07 says:

When Jo killed off the Marauders, she had them die in reverse order. Prongs
died in 1981, Padfoot in 1996 then Wormtail(right before the final battle)
and Moony during the final battle. RIP Marauders!

Elisabeth Berg says:

Life, and Then being a speaker for love. Also, the fact that he was gay
actually males allot of sense

Sas Arh says:

I just hope that one day there will be a new Harry Pptter book or a
movie… :(

sn3192 says:

nice upload
though it prolly should have been “a conversation between daniel radcliffe
and j.k. rowling” b/c this gives the impression they’re both on the sofa
together and some third person is interviewing the both of them

MrYrualive says:

Wow, first he’s a wizard, then he acts in the buff, then he acts as a
homosexual in KYD. Daniel Radcliffe fundamentalists the fuck off. LOLZ

MrYrualive says:

*Daniel Radcliffe just wants to piss fundamentalists the fuck off

MrYrualive says:

Almost cried at the part where she said seeing dan for the first time on
screen was like a son

Joe Totheflow says:

donde is mi tequila que hora es

martinisrael7 says:

Here’s the complete interview: /watch?v=5BZjGcSXd_g

Laura H says:

Yes, where is the rest??

Karma Windsor says:

look up daniel radcliffe and jk rowling – you’ll find the whole 53 minutes

1507213 says:

Subtítulos en español podrían hacer feliz a muchas personas

Maria Sarri says:

the rest of it?

hafsesmaries says:


EvelynAlexanderRose says:

would love to see more of this

HarryPotterAdmirer says:

go to my channel and watch it in HD the full 53:04 Channel :
HarryPotterAdmirer thanks guys

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