Bradshaw on backing-up Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson at QB

Bradshaw on backing-up Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson at QB

Terry Bradshaw discusses playing backup quarterback to Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson in their college days.

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beastwork says:

I don’t watch the show but that is a cool story

YaValioCacaWates M says:

Phil for president.

greg miller says:

He not nice guy he such a dick


Terry Bradshaw owes Phil Robertson, Nature, and God almost everything …..
Especially his H.O.F. – N.F.L. career right-up to most of the life he
still enjoys now. See how faith in God not only help’s the believer, but
truly those around them. BLESS!!!!

alan30189 says:

I saw his book, titled “Happy, Happy, Happy” at the grocery store recently
and picked it up to look at some of the pictures of his younger days. There
was a picture of him, Bradshaw and two other QBs in uniform.

NRAbsoule says:

If your a poor, gay, black African American who is liberal you could say
pretty much anything and have no consequences. If you I good god fearing
republican white folk you get screamed off the stage for saying a non
offensive opinion.

DrHogfan says:

TB is the greatest pro QB EVAH!!!!!


Love the story and Down with the haters

Candice Lynn says:

I remember Terry Bradshaw when he use to come and speak to the youth at
Calvary Baptist in Shreveport.

elaine baker says:

you really need to watch it..i love it

ladykay webb says:


jennifer jimenez says:

Well said…

Leon Sandcastle says:

Thanks For Sharing @Lairdick this is about football and duck dynasty, were
in the flying fart did you get that crap?

Bald Genie says:

Terry Bradshaw has a lot of class.

Brian Brunell says:

Wow! Lairdmick you are in another world…dbag

Debbie Micev says:

Terry describes Phil as a really sweet guy and a real renaissance man. So
is Phil really racist and homophobic? Or is the NFL now racist and
homophobic by proxy? Or is it all a show?

Peter A Ferdico says:


glenn hebets says:

A&E Network is a political arm of the left, they are ( using ) the Phil
Robertson issue to take the heat off and all the bad news about, the
Affordable Care Act in the news and look, IT WORKED. !!!BINGO!!! God

craig young says:

Such a sweet hate-filled Dark Ages Rennaisance man! Are you cracked

Derek Clark says:

freedom of speech is taken away unless you are gay Phill Robertson said
what the bible said i am sick in tired of people saying what he said was
wrong he is just saying what Christians believe in he just has the balls
to say it stay happy happy happy Phill Robertson 

Robbin avery says:

….Phil was a wildlife poacher?!

jennifer jimenez says:

#standwithphil. I wont be watching a&e until phil is put back.its
ridiculous to shun a man for expressing his right he was born
with.sorry to the gay and lesbian community.but we all have rights.they
want to be accepted well phil has a right to express his religious
beliefs.also another ammendment right!

JTFrazier10 says:

legit video

WWEFan71 says:

Says the person using the word ‘yall’. Idiot.

ravenxslayer says:

And yet they still have more class than you, every time… Weird, huh?

Kobra1029 says:

He hasnt been hit nearly as much by giant men lol

atiboyful says:

There is nuttin bad to say about Bayou folks like Robertson and Bradshaw.
They are just pure and simple folks who say it like it is

fsrballer2 says:

i wish i could see one of phils game….

jim rhodes says:

Terry got hunted Phil decided to do the hunting…

Bleenie Greenie says:

It shows the power of Jesus Christ on anyone who will accept His gift of

perchpile88 says:


MK2112 says:

Pretty cool how Terry puts Phil over, great guys.

heresjohnny2010 says:

Yes. I agree. Terry is a great quarterback, and Phil is very funny on that
show he stars in with his family. Such a good show. I love the prayers at
the end.

stan broniszewski says:

Was Phil Robertson in a ZZ Top tribute band?

matt s says:

little do people know how bad of a person phil used to be… he has changed
in his was but if you ever get to read one of his books you would learn a
lot about phil robertson

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