Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” (“Born To Run” Parody)

Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” (“Born To Run” Parody)

Bruce Springsteen & Bruce Springsteen rework “Born To Run” to address the Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal. Bruce’s new album “High Hopes” is available on iTunes …

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon says:

+Bruce Springsteen and +Jimmy Fallon got together to perform this special
tribute to Gov. Chris Christie’s traffic jam.

Watch! Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” (“Born
To Run” Parody)

#latenightwithjimmyfallon #borntorun #lnjf 

TheGrasspond says:

Also, the hypocrisy of the caviar left is remarkable. Springsteen, living
the life of the ultimate capitalist pig, net worth over $200 mil, running
around pretending he is for the little guy. He spent hundreds of thousands
of $ so his daughter could go around the country and compete in horse
jumping. Forget the poor inner city kids going into dirty and
dangerous schools every day. Bruce, how about you donate $150 mil to the
big gov’t you advocate for and keep $50 mil for yourself. Otherwise, sit
down and shut your mouth. 

Nazz Boner says:

Forget the politics, Chris Christie is a huge (no pun intended) fan of
Bruce Springsteen. For Bruce Springsteen to do this just shows what a piece
of crap he is!

davec3487 says:

Much like Captain Hauk, Jimmy Fallon licks the sweat off a dead man’s

mrjericho5701 says:

NJ bridge closing is NOT a scandal,….BENGHAZI is a Scandal,…The IRS
bulling TEA Party groups is a Scandal,….Obama saying is you like your HC
provider you can keep it,…IS A SCANDAL

Paul says:

Hell, Christie’s not even a conservative, BUT he is supposedly a Republican
(and so fair game for the left). Bruce, Brother, I’ll kick your Rich –
Wealthy hypoctrite ass all over New Jersey and throw you OFF the GWB…

Gordon Hope says:

the boss in a parody of himself…!!!

kewltony says:

I’m seeing double! Four Bruce Springsteens!

David Fahey says:

Pretty funny!

Aaron says:

Chris Christie was such a good sport and approved of this happening. No
better governor right now in this country

J PumpkinKing says:

THIS is the kind of stuff that needs to CONTINUE when Jimmy moves to the
Tonight Show! REAL talent and REAL class! Something that’s been missing
on the Tonight Show ever since Johnny Carson left. YOU’RE AWESOME,

ExWizardry says:

Oh man. Bruce needs to stay away from politics, just like all rockers

TheGrasspond says:

I’m ok with them making fun of Christie on this issue. But the sick
tragedy is you will never see them making fun of Gov Andrew Cuomo for
saying people that don’t share his views on gun control, abortion and gay
marriage are not welcome in NY. You want to talk about scary stuff. So
fallen and springsteen are just professional manipulators and should be
viewed as such. 

yootoob1958 says:

Jimmy makes a great Bruce Springsteen. So does Bruce Springsteen.

sunminer mc says:

Well played

Taylor Wallace says:

Jimmy makes a better Bruce Springsteen than Bruce Springsteen.

Ilia Baranov says:

why were the audience booing after the song?

truegangsteroflove says:

After watching this a few times I marveled at the production quality – the
camera work, the precision, the acting. They both stayed in character
without laughing or otherwise indicating self-mockery. This is a serious
performance, error free, and showing great talent on the part of everyone

This separates Jimmy Fallon from other talk show hosts, who can’t seem to
avoid falling into the “I’m a great comedian, and this is so funny that I
can’t hold it in, just in case you don’t think it’s funny” mode.

Bruce Springsteen stayed in character too, a tribute to his humility and
talent. It also is a tribute to his professionalism – that when he gets on
stage he takes what he is doing seriously. And, of course, has a great time
doing it. The combination of all these factors make this a very powerful
satire, a momentum shifter, or at least amplifier. Which is the intention.
This is a great lesson in turning intention into action.

jezzabellissimo says:

Tribute? Lol nothing like being shut down by your idol.

Jeff Trapani says:

Awesome! Jimmy is the best- such a versatile entertainer 

Jeff Eynon says:

jimmy was spot on with his impersonation!!! 

Miguel Moran says:

You sir, are AWESOME! 

joeschultz2 says:

Well the GOP professional trolls are all flocking to this thread to talk up
their hero Christie. A woman died in an ambulance during of that backup,
and another EMT said the traffic jam delayed him getting to a car crash
where 4 people needed medical attention. Christie’s backers are saying the
woman would have died anyway, so what’s the big deal if the traffic jam was
deliberate or not. They have to be kidding.

Wendy Cibis says:


Jimmy P says:

Anybody still trying to support Christie is truly showing their ignorance

RandallFlaggNY says:

This is worth an Emmy award.

Adam Baum says:

This Liberal SCUMBAG Christie is finished, he was only good at SUCKING Mr.
Obama’s ass to bring home the bacon to the corrupt Democrat party state of
New Jersey!
Ted Cruz 2016

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