Bruno Mars “Grenade” // SiriusXM // Hits1 JAN 2014

Bruno Mars “Grenade” // SiriusXM // Hits1 JAN 2014

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HooliganBMars says:

Wow selfish of y’all to hold onto this beauty for this long. But tnkx 

Carol Bryant says:

King of the world. <3

ashley Hernadez says:

Perfect !!!
Love you bruno!

celine Cariou says:

his voice sounds soo good only with guitar .. his voice is always amazing

kimberly Morales Bermudez says:

Just Perfect *-* 

Tânia Bello says:

Amooooooo. ….

Elizabeth B says:

It has been so many years since I have been in awe and amazed by someone in
pop music. He is off the charts amazing and I hope he has a very long

Mr Hairi says:

you’re amazing Bruno……

Ye Luroz says:

What took this so long to upload? Amazing!

Javier Martinez R says:

this was from 1 year ago, dafuq?

Thanku hemione says:

I just wanna like touch his hair;)

Juliana Reis says:

Lindo! Wonderful!

emy1975 says:

Dear Bruno…can I touch your hair?

Latigable Horan says:

A REAL singer 

ibrahim ahmed says:

We want the rest please ! 

Prince Quicky says:

His vocals here are such good example of how GOOD this guy is at singing
songs. Gosh, God was in a good mood vocally when he created the soul &
spirit of Bruno.

Simon Tanujaya says:

First comment

Ivan Kruschewsky says:

Wow! He is amazing, just it!

Carlos André x says:

Second coment

Nick Cade says:

Damn, them vocals doe! So talented

Super Flo says:

Incroyable ! Pas d’autre mot !

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