Bruno Mars to perform at Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX

Bruno Mars to perform at Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX

Bruno Mars is revealed as the halftime performer for Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX.

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missy STRONG says:

I can’t wait 

Jeniffer Sigala says:

Bruno mars is the only reason im watching the super bowl

Alondra Puente says:

love bruno mars so happy for him 

Kate Hettinger says:

Oh, he’s also Hungarian. I mean, if you want to get really technical, I
believe ALL of his heritage is Ukrainian Jewish, American, Filipino,
Hispanic! Puerto Rican, “European”, Hungarian, Asian and Spanish. But, if
you wanted to get REALLY technical, you could go look up when and where in
Europe, or where the Asian part came from. Right now I can’t remember the
details. Just the different races.

MichelleH says:

I love this look on Bruno!!! 

Marcia Pze says:

Best decision that they could have made by putting BRUNO MARS on the Super
Bowl! He is going to be AMAZING! Rock on Bruno! You can and you will be

Stardope hernandez says:

Bruno mars is better then usher and beyonce!!!!! When it comes down
performing live !

Kate Hettinger says:

He doesn’t have any African American in him. He’s Puerto Rican, Ukrainian
Jewish, Filipino and his mom also had some Spanish in her. Not that there
would be anything wrong if he had some African American/African in him, I
think he’s perfectly sexy, period, no matter what his heritage, but I saw
his bloodline going back to, like, his great great great grandfathers, and
there is no African/African American in him. Just saying.

tovolume says:

Bruno Mars is a Legend in the making

tovolume says:

@ Mark Carreon Bruno is also Ukrainian Jewish

May Been says:

I went to his concert in london and hands down best live show I have ever
been to. I’ve only ever been a casual admirer but now a fan. What a talent.

Mars Sars says:

Bruno’s skin color is tan ♥perfect

Mark Carreon says:

Yeah bruno isn’t black. He’s half Filipino, half Puerto Rican,


Puerto Rican = Maybe not Black, but definitely part Black! – Genes and
heritage on his father’s side. Bruno’s skin color and hair texture can’t

Zosimarie Lee says:

oooh, you may just be staring at your reflection in the mirror

Anita Franklin says:

“This guy has got more talent in his little finger than anyone else in the
music industry” The best live voice of all time!!!

yuyun edogawa says:

Wut??? Austronesian/Polynesian people are not black. They are South East
Asian/Oceania natives. That’s why I said before you’re not familiar with

RJ8812 says:

no one cares! give us ore Jay & Dan clips!

Caprice Mitchell says:

He’s not black he is puerto rican & Philippino.

Jiff2 says:

anyone catch strahan say, “you gotta do all that soft shit”

Jeremy Battista says:


Anthony r says:

only legends do super bowls……this guy is on his way.

Mariah Robles says:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband’s performing

2012GAMEOVER1 says:

austronesian are black lol

2012GAMEOVER1 says:


SEAhawksALLday Ryan says:

Legends do Super Bowls! He’s not a legend

2012GAMEOVER1 says:

ausranesian are negritos black people from filipino who mixed with the
chinese and spanish thats why some filipinos look black – study history
polynesian are like samoan

lilisoocute says:

Beyonce isn’t a legend. Please! They let her ass in there.

Joyce Hinton says:

OMG, Now I have a reason to actually watch the Super Bowl! LOL

alperry02 says:

OMG soooooo excited!!!!

KillenEMsoftly says:


espoir freitas says:

lol sorry but bad choice …..I would rather have Justin timberlake on stage

Retno Putriyanti says:

So, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, NSync, Usher, Christina
Aguilera, LMFAO who had been performed at Super Bowl are legend in your
eyes? Damn. Your criteria for legends is so low.

MissMusicForYou says:

You won’t be when you actually see him perform.

IVJMP says:

Beyoncé sings live and dances and is ENTERTAINING. Bruno sings live dances
and is boring. He does the same thing every time i see him. His song are
slow and down tempo the show will be boring. Beyoncé has been around since
the 90’s and has all the credentials. What has Bruno done? Made a few hits
that people will forget about.

MichelleH says:

Sooo proud!!!! He has amazing vocals, this guy was born to entertain!!!!!

Kimberly Foster says:

Yeah Baby, he is so hot. I can’t wait to see him perform. It will be two
weeks before my 32nd Birthday.

gritoforte says:

I am amazed with the American people on the issue of black bruno be in a
first world country discussing the color or race make him like me studying

Retno Putriyanti says:

Nnn not you shading Madonna like that.

Brent Gann says:

Taylor Swift.

Bilbo Bagins says:

Ha Gaaaaaaaaaaay

Eloisa Pastor says:

We love u bruno..♥♥♥

Drew Driano says:

I’ve been here since he popped our ear cherries with Nothing On You! =D

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