Bruno Mars versus the Super Bowl’s best halftime shows – The Daily Win



Zosimarie Lee says:

Hmmmm…what’s the word? Clueless…yeah, that’s it!

Mary Mitchell says:

What a display of ignorance of musical chops….you are one clueless
fellow. Bruno Mars will slay/

logan arndt says:

Umm… Michael Jackson?!

Edgardo Rodriguez says:

Shut the hell up

Sandi Jaramillo says:

Shut the heck up. The world is about to see what a great entertainer is
Bruno Mars.
It has nothing to do with being a safe act, it has to do with TALENT and
Bruno and band are the full package. Go Bruno Mars!!!! I’ll be up dancing
during half time. The world is about to find out just how great you are.
wooo hooo hooligans!!!

sweetmovies27 says:

Who cares? The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea has more talent than
Beyonce and Bruno times 1,000,000

fuemarari says:

LOL I love the unbelievers . . . . just wait till you see Bruno perform and
then talk. 

dante316a says:

This guy is an ass beyonce music sucks she aint number 1

reziel08 says:

Bruno Mars!!!!

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