Celebrity Spelling Bee – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Celebrity Spelling Bee – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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robbbyyy25 says:

I hate Cassandra, so annoying..and doesnt add any humor to the segment

RocMonCol85 says:

Nohelly is cute.

The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says:

Some people hate Cassandra, I think she’s the funniest part of the bit.
Saying that 911 is “telephone for help” made me laugh so much.

Lilly Mackrijt says:

I love it!!


damn xbox one was expecting t shirts lol

A Mehta says:

I thought they were gonna get 100lbs of mustard, i was wrong

Jad Bakieh says:

Kassandra is so fucking hoot. Holly damn. He’s probably the hottest girl in
the fucking work. She’s Miss Earth.

anskuxx13 says:

Place. That. Apostrophe. In. The. Correct. Part. Of. The. Naaaame.

TheXavierxa says:

Samantha was so cute I wanted her to win!

Ika Rez says:

This looks like a bad show 

Qermaq says:

I miss Scarecrow! Cassandra makes the bit. Of course she’s annoying, that
is the bit.


Xbox One….wtf!?



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