Cirque Du Soleil Performs on The Queen Latifah Show

Cirque Du Soleil Performs on The Queen Latifah Show

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Deni says:

The ending was the absolute best! Amazing!

SunshineGirlz34 says:

WOW!!!I love Cirque Du Soleil..and this performance really impressed me
because of the native feel and music..I proud of my First Nation heritage

Benita Brady says:

That was the most visually stimulating and heart touching performances that
I have seen. Beautiful! Well done. 

shkelly24 says:

My goodness!! When she was spinning around like that just by her neck,
well, my jaw fell to the floor!! lol! It has been a long standing dream of
mine to go see Cirque Du Soleil! They are all truly amazingly talented
people! Truly awe inspiring! One day I will go! Queen’s reaction says it
all 😀 

Johanna Auten says:

Wow!!!!!!!!! O.O That was aweeeessoommeeee. Woooooo. 

BeautifulBlackrose16 says:

The best thing I have ever seen in my life. I’m going to see this

Xavier McCollum says:

Mind is blown!! One of the best things ive ever seen!!

Meserete Straker says:

Wow! Awesomeness! 

Suel Fadel says:

the audience *sigh* please STFU!!!

nevaeh johnson says:

That was amazing

Bronzed Curls says:

The queen is really Doing it!! Amazing amazing performers!

Victoria C says:

That was sick! They murdered the stage. Amazing! :)

Thisismyusername227 says:


tasha04fun says:

Wow that performance was Amazing! Beautiful couple

Michael Mihailov says:

somebody can tell me what’s the name of this song,it’s very good.PLEASE

Trish Ford says:

Awesome! I love it!

Pedro Natividade says:

wow really amazing!

Rachel Green says:

Cirque, the world needs a full length DVD version of TOTEM!!!!!

Jennifer MacLean says:

This is Love and Trust at it’s finest <3

itsb3nnybitch says:

Omg that was soooo good ! 

Daniel Perales says:

When im singing..i want them to be in my background as well..that what i
call art and talented gifts..i love it!

tameka fritz says:


jdstep97 says:

This was soooo beautiful! You can just feel the love and intimacy between
these two. It must be wonderful to share such love, and be able to perform
and express it in such a talented way for others to see and appreciate. I
wish them well. I wish I could see their child. I wonder if their child
will follow in their footsteps. 

Griselda Fierro says:

That was Amazing!!! Breathtaking & Spectacular & Queen you are Fabulous!!!

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