Dana White joins FOX Sports Live to talk UFC 169

Dana White joins FOX Sports Live to talk UFC 169

Before UFC 169 hits Newark, Dana White stops by to chat with Charissa Thompson about the big event. Plus, the latest on that Sonnen/Silva TUF throw down.

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Mareks Perkons says:

Dont really like interviews where interviewer just reads questions without
know much about the sport. Does not feel genuine, no passion compare to

Carlos Sainz says:

The music is annoying and she is super hot.

Dylan Goosen says:

she lost me when she said 69

Brian Lemoine says:

Why r u people so dumb man make an educated statement stop talking bout

PCoderch says:

Wow, I want to have sex with this blond.

first2blast says:

lol she’s hot but dumb as dogs shit!

zACK dUNN says:

Wow peoples comments after watching the video are sad!

mike jenckins says:

awh dana miss georges! jajaja!

toodiesel says:

Dana your jeans are torn

Grim Reaper says:

why the fuck are u people mad at her? all she needs to do is just ask that
fuckn questions thats it…

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) says:

Dana White Discusses UFC 169 & GSP On Fox Sports 1

prfctstrngrz says:

Compliments to the window dressing sportscaster for not interrupting
White’s extended responses. And yes, ditch the random music.

GSP is not upset at White for thinking that Hendricks won…he’s upset at
how disrespectful White behaved toward him during the PC, including that of
attempting to exclude GSP from attending. White (however) denies it,
blaming it on the doctors…which I think is bs.

According to GSP, a UFC medical staff worker was chasing him down the
hallway after he was cleaned-up, shouting “You’re not supposed to go!” (as
in, not go to the PC)…so that White could openly trash him and the judges
in his absence.

White owes GSP an apology…but he’ll prob never get one. As far as the
drug testing issue being raised this long after the fight…it is just
GSP’s way of telling White that he’s not very pleased with him. Neither
would I.


she said ufc 169 this sunday.. anyone else catch that?

sagatbalrog says:

after this interview, dana got down on all 4’s and licked her foot n shoe

boom suga says:

Dana white stop ripping off Vince McMahon. Ur doing the same thing Vince
has done with the wwf

Gavin Toya says:

“how has barao and faber improved since the beginning of their
career?”………….. thats a tough one

TwoSwift651 says:

Get rid of this stupid cunt reading questions off of cards and get Ariel
Helwani in there and let him do his thing. This girl is nothing more than a
pretty face reading questions others wrote for her, get Helwani in there to
do what a true MMA journalist does.

whitehonky999 says:

The music fails but she makes up for it with the stripper heels. 

totokickbutt says:

her jokes are boring like when she said roy nelson the beauty or something
like basicly sayin hes n ugly motherfucker ahahahah i could hear the
crikets lol

HevyToy says:

Dana is a jewish fuk

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