Die Tote Stadt – Renée Fleming – Jonas Kaufmann



Hilde Nieland says:

Thanks a lot so beautiful….

hillit76 says:

Thank you so much for posting this! Can you PLEASE upload the Merry Widow
Waltz “Lippen schweigen” as well? I’d love to hear that… 

Marika B-H says:

Thank you very much, absolutely beautiful! Do you have ahything more from
the concert? Othello duet, maygbe?

Victoria-Irina Niculescu says:

Extremely slow because of mme Fleming, but beautiful…

nautylus afloat says:

Marvelous entwining of voices. It sounds a little bit like ,,Fruhling” by
Richard Strauss.

Arnaldo Brignoli says:


John LaBella says:

Tempo’s too slow, but Kaufmann keeps the line going. Fleming sounds better
than much of her recent somewhat cloudy singing. But really, the tempos
make the experience self-conscious. Knappertsbusch somehow did this without
that problem; here it’s frustrating.

voce29 says:


nautylus afloat says:

Beautiful. Thanks a lot.

Alicia Livani says:

absolutely wonderful, thank you so mach ♥

Erna Fuhr says:

wunderschön ,danke !!!!

Sirod Stark says:

It is great ! Merci beaucoup, beaucoup !! 

Calafilstraniero says:

Nous avons notre nouveau couple vocale du MET ! 

MegaLilou59 says:

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Sea Rainbow says:


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