Doctor accused of poisoning girlfriend’s drink with abortion pill

Doctor accused of poisoning girlfriend’s drink with abortion pill

A doctor allegedly spiked his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with a pill that caused her to lose her child.

Brook Fiske said doctor Sikander Imran ā€” whom she had been dating on and off for three years ā€” didn’t want her to have the child and tried convincing her to get an abortion, WROC-TV reported.

Imran learned Fiske was pregnant after he left Rochester, N.Y., for Arlington, Va., to start a new job.

She traveled to Virginia while she was 17 weeks pregnant to meet with Imran to discuss raising their unborn son, according to the station.

Fiske said she was drinking tea in his home and noticed there was a powdery substance at the bottom of the cup.

“There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up,” she told the station.

A few hours later Fiske started having contractions. She was taken to Virginia Hospital Center where she lost her son. Exams determined she was poisoned with the abortion pill “Misoprostol,” Fiske said.

Imran was arrested in May and charged with illegal cause of abortion. His trial starts on March 12.

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