Eli Manning – 1 on 1

Eli Manning – 1 on 1

Eli Manning sits down with FOX Sports analyst Mike Garafolo to discuss what he has left to do in the NFL, and what he wants his legacy to be.

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All This Over Rated is From Un Educated Individuals No Quarter Back Gets
Disrepected Or Coach (Tom Coughlin) Or Team Giants Every Year My Team Sucks
Every Year We Get Disrepected Two Superbowls Two Superbowl MVP’s Multiple
Pro Bowls The Scariest QB Tom Brady Ever Watched Yor Peyton’s Lil Bro Your
Not As Good And Now He’s Over rated Shut the F&*^ UP last time brady won
Eli Was Drafted Thats Over Rated No Ring In Ten Years Nowhere Near Peyton
Records And the mouth stays on the Penis Of Brady F***K Brady and F***K U
Marino,Montana and Elway above brady and had a non cheating organization
that won rings also u cheat and u got randy moss and u lose and eli is over
rated? lmao

Skeetch Vids says:

He won two superbowls and had game winning drives in both games. A QB who
is “overrated” wouldn’t be able to do that.

George Vreeland Hill says:

He is overrated. In fact, Eli is awful. I’m a Giants fan and I have had
enough of his turnovers, high throws and on and on. Time to look for
another QB. Enough is enough. George Vreeland Hill

Skeetch Vids says:

He made those receivers great. How do you think they get so many yards per
season? Look at Larry Fitzgerald, he is a great receiver but his numbers
haven’t been good for the last few years because he doesn’t have a good
Quarterback. It takes both the QB & WR to make each other look good.

Skeetch Vids says:

You’re not a real Giants fan if that is what you think. You’re just a front
runner fan who will only cheer for Eli when he’s in the Superbowl and when
he’s not just point out all the mistakes he makes.

seab brice says:

Eli’s not good he needs the best recievers in the league and a legendary
defense to do good smh

Skeetch Vids says:

He has two game winning drives in the superbowl and plenty of big moments
in the playoffs leading up to the superbowls. They didn’t win those titles
just because of their defense, Eli was a huge part to them winning those

George Vreeland Hill says:

I have been a Giants fan since 1967. I want Eli to be great. The fact is
that will never happen. Eli is indeed awful. I want the Giants to win. It
is time to end this Eli nonsense.

Nathan Bradley says:

Simply a great person who takes everything NY media and nationwide media
has to say and doesnt let it bother him and perform’s at the highest level
and the most critical time, but yet ppl say he is inconsistent. he throw’s
over 25 td’s a year, NYG is at 9 wins pretty much every year, and if your
team is up with 2 min to go in the game and Eli has the ball you know in
the back of your head that your team is gonna lose. what does it all say?
Enjoy watching him and respect the man!!

Anthony Bianchini says:

Your a fucking idiot

gamingkiller16 says:

he is he throws to many interceptions and is too incosistent and people
compare him to peyton

suncatcher says:

Eli is a fucking boss.

greenblake32 says:

How is a guy who is the current league Iron Man with consecutive starts and
a guy who is already smashing every Giants passing record, INCONSISTENT?
Shut up with that BS. It’s like playing telephone with idiots. Start a
falsehood and watch it expand.

greenblake32 says:

The Man. End of story.

lilb1190 says:

Eli can move when he needs to and has a nice spiral on nearly every pass.
Peyton depends on a strong OL. Without it, he would just be laying in the
dirt all the time. He also throws a lot of wobbly passes. Granted, they hit
their mark, but they are probably harder to catch than they need to be.

Patrick Aatz says:

2-time SuperBowl MVP who still never gets any credit = overrated? I think
you need a dictionary, buddy

Mrgummiwurm says:


gamingkiller16 says:

Eli is the most overrated in all of sports ever!

TheNewYorkLoner says:

Eli Manning will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when its all said and

TheNewYorkLoner says:

Eli is a great QB, all he needs to do is have a few great stats season and
make the playoff a couple of times consistently. He already has the
accomplishments. Now, when its all said and done, Eli will be a hall of
famer & will be considered one of the best to ever play. Remember, Elway
made his name at the end of his career. Eli is still in his prime.

paul schlader says:

the editing in this is fucking horrendous

TheCodedtestament says:

Manning may not be the most consistent quarterback on a weekly basis but he
has put together a string of reputable seasons,has played his career out in
consistantly one of the toughest divisions in football,He’s a “good but not
great” player. He’s never been considered one of the best players at his

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