Eli Manning and Rivers Draft Trade

Eli Manning and Rivers Draft Trade

Eli Manning and Rivers Draft Trade.

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Tosin Awe says:

Ha! Look at him now…2-time Superbowl MVP…all the Manning haters can
kick rocks…LOL!

DrBombay jose says:

Eli was lucky too make a super bowl win better yet two he had a good team
without it look at him now good for nothing

sedcdf says:

Eli Manning sucks and he’s a worthless bum. Judging by Playoff success is
fucking stupid. Steve Young is 8-6 in the playoffs so is Eli(With 8-3)
better than Young? Flacco is 9-4 what does that mean? Brees is 5-4. And
Farve and Peyton both only have one SB ring. We all know Eli isn’t better
than Brees, Peyton, Farve, Marino, Young, etc. Eli also has one of the
WORST Passing Rating in the PASSING LEAGUE ERA. He would literally throw
more interceptions than touchdowns in other eras. He’s lucky QB too, with
that lucky throw in 07, if 49ers didn’t fumble the ball, they would’ve won
the SuperBowl. Eli is Jim Pluckett 2.0. Fucking garbage. Mark Sanchez also
defeated Patriots in the Playoffs too, i guess he’s a HOF QB as well. LMAO,
what a fucking joke.

MPaluba says:

Lol I’m pretty sure that Rivers could easily have put up the 17 points
needed in both superbowls that the Ginats won, in place of Sheli

Cornholio Fitzgerald says:

Eli was a coward on draft day. Obviously he didnt believe in himself

Jesus Barrera says:

Whoever thinks Eli Manning is a horrible quarterback you’re a fucking
retard and dont know football. He’s still a top 5 QB in the NFL 

Zack Rosenbaum says:

Eli manning- 2 Super Bowl MVP’s and wins, 2 pro bowls, most 4th quarter
td’s/wins….. Philip Rivers- a whales vagina.

I think the giants made a good call

gobluejackets61 says:

Its fairly apparent. The Chargers got the better QB, Rivers is far better
than Eli, and they also got other pieces like Merriman who had a solid few
years, Kaeding, who was one of the best kickers in NFL history (but not
clutch). But Eli has two superbowl rings and two SB MVP’s so he’s a good
player as well. Technically, the Giants got the better of the trade because
of that, but the Chargers got the better QB. Put Philip on either of those
Giants teams, and he’s the two time SB champion.

woo pigsooie says:

hahah, People still crying over this? This happened 10 years ago!!! I guess
you forgot Eli´s miracle escape, throw and helmet catch miracle. Maybe, he
isnt as good as your preferred quarterbacks BUT he does have 2 super bowl
rings. I´d credit him for at least one of them.

Stop crying over something that happened a looooongg time ago. Also, your
profanity makes you a bigger cry baby…. just saying.

Leena hoz says:

10 years ago this happened! 

thomas ortega says:

the chargers did not get the better end of this trade.

buster60341 says:

Sheli Manning is a good solid QB in the NFL but he not that great in my

TheNrp8598 says:

i cant wait til eli gets his 3rd superbowl, people will still call it luck.
People are just jealous their teams QB isnt clutch. ELI4Life

Nick TheStuntMan says:

And then Eli would win 2 Super Bowls and Rivers would suck

Marcus jones says:

Eli has two super bowl rings

chj7667 says:

I wonder if anyone still remembers the player Spanos wanted was Larry
Fitzgerald & neither Rivers nor Manning! A.J smith was the Matt Millen of
the AFC, except he was obsessed with drafting DB’s high instead of
receivers, lol!

MUNDOM316 says:

eli has never beaten the team he refused to play for fuck that ugly bitch

alphablue02 says:

lol angry chargers fans in these comments. 

Spiral81C1 says:

Ten years later cry baby bitch Chargers fans are STILL crying about this
trade LMAO. WHY?! All of you sad bums insist Rivers is better so then why
are you SO upset a decade later when you supposedly got the better QB AND
all those draft picks that made your crap team better?

Are your delicate feelings still hurt like the 15 year old girl snubbed at
the prom from ten years ago? Your crap franchise couldn’t do a damn thing
even with Drew Brees and LT and so honestly, how can you blame a number 1
pick for NOT wanting to waste his career in loser land San Diego? He wanted
to go somewhere to WIN and he DID TWICE. Suckers. I loved watching the
older Manning crap all over your team tonight. It made me so happy because
sad, jealous, petty douche Chargers fans deserve nothing more than that. As
Ron Burgundy once said:

Go **** yourself San Diego.

mrbitch0981 says:

why did chargers bother going after a qb they had brees and they get rid of
him smh fuckin retards

jdog80281 says:

Whoever said that Rivers would of put up more than the 17 points needed to
win the super bowl in 07 is an idiot..if you don’t recall..Rivers lost in
the afc championship game to the patriots in 07..so stop hating..rivers is
a good QB but is the opposite of clutch..for those of you that say Eli
isn’t great..I’m pretty sure it comes down to whatever the scoreboard says
at the end of the game, he has out his team in position to win big games
countless times he has nothing left to prove…he didn’t win those super
bowl games from a defensive goal line stand he won it with clutch passes
and call it luck if you want but it want luck that put him in position to
make those plays. Go Giants!

mrbitch0981 says:

Rivers is better than Eli he’s overrated as fuck.He’s not doing shit for
the giants.I could care less how many rings eli has.I’ll take my man Rivers
over Eli Rivers>Eli. Rivers is elite.

joesakic91 says:

Also, Eli is much more mentally tough and has the bounce back ability to
win championships despite having down years in his career in contrast to
Philip Rivers. There’s a reason why Eli has more success than Philip Rivers
when Eli proved it on the road in his two SB wins, helped the Giants beat
the Packers twice at Lambeau Field, going into muddy San Francisco and
taking a beating, but still led the Giants to outlast the 49ers and beating
Tom Brady and the Patriots with two GWD in the SB.

johnnysmoke92 says:

Get the fuck out of here you stupid ass Packer fan

iamhungey12345 says:

Rivers’ team had much more talents than what Eli had to begin with, even in
his first SB run. Rivers at least had LDT and Gates, yet he still couldn’t
pull it off. Nevermind the fact that in the case of 2011, the Giants D was
among the worse that season and Eli led offensive drives to keep the team
afloat until their injured players returns, allowing the D to pick up.

Rail Fan says:

I think the main reason that Rivers doesn’t have a Super Victory (or
appearance) it the lack of effective coaching. Sure, Schottenheimer was
good in the regular season, but once they made it to the playoffs, he was
mister conservative and never one. Turner just plain stunk all around. The
only reason he has a descent record is because his team was full of
talented players like Rivers, LT, Jackson, Gates, and Floyd. If Rivers gets
a real coach, I think he can be one of the best QB’s ever.

giantsr1eva says:

I agree with what you said and that was a real quick reply, but you have to
remember that the Chargers were the best team in 2006, but Marlon McCree
fumbled that ball after he intercepted that pass from Tom Brady.

johnnysmoke92 says:

The Giants already have a dynasty by winning TWO Superbowls in the last 6-7

Dirk Beefhammer says:

you guys do know this was one of the earliest top 10s before eli won 2

iamhungey12345 says:

I know, it was the SB win, it’s how you win it. When you compare the body
of work in the postseason, Eli has the advantage. Rivers has plenty of time
but nothing is guaranteed.

joesakic91 says:

Eli>>>>>>>Rivers. That’s the cold hard, actual facts.

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