Eli Manning’s 2004 Draft Day (Part 1)

Eli Manning’s 2004 Draft Day (Part 1)

A look back at the day Eli Manning became a New York Giant. All rights property of the NFL.

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victor pena says:

what an asshole

Sean Lockhart says:

Wow I didn’t know Eli didn’t WANT to be on the chargers lol.

Gameshowboy says:

Best decision the Giants made since Lawrence Taylor.

Kevin Glenn says:

Eli didnt want to become the 2nd coming of Ryan Leaf LMAO! 

smashMMA says:

the fact that i heard the word mobility associated with Eli makes me wanna

Rasta Thrasher says:

The NFL shouldnt allowed him to do this. Especially if your a Chargers fan.
Im a Steelers fan and glad we got Ben that yr,

David Buck says:

bitch move. but it paid off. can’t hate on that. but all you irrelevant to
society people will. because that’s what you sheeps do. 

Chris Weyer says:

What a baby

Daniel Pena says:

thats my champion qb

TheOoze06 says:

Eli Manning is such a spoiled little bitch! If a black quarterback did what
Eli did you will never hear the end of it

Bradley Roddy says:

just goes to show the mannings are smart…..ELI = 2 SUPERBOWLS, RIVERS

youngrizzle2003 says:

I bet if his name was eli jones his ass would be playing for the san Diego
superchargers right now

Top_Notch_Sports says:

Eli manning is a very good qb.if the team around him improves he will win
again bc he is a winner.he is a decent reg season qb but will lead you to a
Super Bowl in the playoffs

G Sici says:

bill simmons I think said, “What else could he have done, whip it to the
floor and spit on it”

Tom Ferriday says:

Eli showed a LOT more class in this draft than John Elway did when the
Colts drafted him.

Corey Harrill says:

How we judge the Quarterbacks baffles me like nothing else. I thought the
Giants really lost out on Big Ben and Phillip Rivers (who I still think is
the best Qb out of the three). The NFL loves Peyton… However, Eli has
more titles than his brother. You tell me who is the judgement of talent?
Obviously not me? Good pick by the Giant organization!

Jason Gold says:

your a dumbass, 3 wins in a row, 2 superbowls in the past 5 yrs, WE WILL BE
BACK SOON. HAHA u mad bro?

Devon Fuentes says:

im glad he is not the quarterback for the chargers, Superbowls or not I’d
rather have Philip than any other quarterback. I love the way he plays, he
has a lot of heart all bullshit aside. Lets just wait and see where he
takes us this year.

joseph garcia says:

I remember that day the cowboys draft tony romo as qb

joesakic91 says:


New York Giants being the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL? Heh.

If Big Blue are the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, then the Cowboys are
even worse: being the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. 

h0k13 says:

What a fucking weirdo

Jonny Anderson says:

what a little bitch

Im Cadillac says:

At least our QB doesn’t forget why he didn’t want to play for us. Plus do
the names Tyree and Tuck come to mind with the vagiants

TheMxcnut says:

Um, TheOoze06, the Green Bay Packers still have the most NFL Championships
with 13, seven more than the Steelers. 

Kevin is Nice says:

I bet the the CHARGERS are laughing!

pubs panseno says:

Grade A douche

Ernesto Gastelum says:

u guys do realize that most of our losses in the playoff arent philip
rivers fault unlike u other fans that blame everything on ur QB for losing
a game we actually know whose fault it was. In the 2006 playoff the reason
we lost is becasue of Marlon Mcree for not going down after intercepting a
pass that he fumbled the other times its because of Nate Kaeding missing
field goal that we couldve won or went to OT so dont blame everthing on
philip rivers becasue he always does hes job its just up to his teammates
to finish it

Van2Dan says:

I’m a Chargers fan. Yes I do have a grudge towards him not wanting go to
the Chargers. But what he did wasn’t as bad as what “Michael Vick” did.

Rebecca Rozell says:

His dad told Eli to not play for the chargers

Chris Calabrese says:

SGN3332: I LOVE your videos! Keep them coming please!

Justin Lecroy says:

I hate Manning’s especially Eli. Spoiled little bitch should’ve been
honored to be picked. He could’ve done as well in SD with LT and others.
Plus living in SD be better than NYC anyday. Archie is a pure camerahog and
politician. Fuck them!!

Carlos Santiago says:

Why was he booed?

SGN3332 says:

Be honest pats fan – you don’t hate Eli Manning because he refused to play
for the Chargers. You hate him because he led not one, but two epic game
winning drives against your team in Superbowls XLII & XLVI.

joesakic91 says:

@mrbitch0981 The New York Football Giants have 8 NFL Championships. 🙂

joesakic91 says:

Unfortunately for Philip Rivers and unless something changes, Philip Rivers
will be another Dan Fouts, a great stats QB, but hasn’t or never ever play
in a Super Bowl.

Kariyarules93 says:

let me guess you’re a Cowboys fan? * laughs*

Kariyarules93 says:

After i meant every

Kariyarules93 says:

You’re case is a fail and here’s what proves that. 2007 Postseason : 72
Comp – 119 Att, 6 TD – 1 INT, 96% Passer Rating. 2011 Postseason : 106 Comp
– 163 Att, 9 TD – 1 INT, 103% Passer rating Those are called Excellent
Playoff numbers, and shows that when it matters most he not only doesn’t
turn ball over but makes all the necessary throws, not every QB can do
that, Heck not even Rivers could since when he was given those chances he
came up short with even more loaded teams.

Kariyarules93 says:

He doesn’t need a reason, he’s not the first NFL QB coming out of the draft
to say he doesn’t want to go to certain Franchise, John Elway did the same
damn thing in 1985 not wanting to play for them, besides Chargers got great
value back for Eli too bad for their cause they didn’t win a ring with the
loaded teams they had from 2006 to 2008.

Kariyarules93 says:

Eli is a 2 time SB champ and 2 time SB MVP and one of the greatest playoff
QB’s of the past 15 years.

Kariyarules93 says:

Thank you for bringing sensibility and knowledge to this comments section,
haters and going to hate but the fact is Eli is one of the best playoff
QB’s of the past decade, including two SB runs where he made all the
necessary and timely throws to win ball games, he also has tons of come
from behind reg season wins and Nobody else can say they out played an Top
5 All time QB in Two Super Bowls and won those games, Average Reg season
Stats or not he’s Clutch and that why he’ll make HOF someday.

Kariyarules93 says:

Rivers has always been the far better ” Regular Season QB” but when he had
that 3 year window with arguably the most talented roster in football he
couldn’t get the job done in the playoffs, those teams had Super Bowl type
talent, HOF RB, great O Line, Great defense, Good Recieving and Philip
couldn’t pull it off, While when Eli had good teams he went on Incredible
Postseason runs and out played arguably the greatest QB to ever play the
game in SB 42 and 46 respectively, that’s why Eli’s better.

joesakic91 says:

@pats fan But Eli Manning and Joe Flacco still have to lead the team in
finishing off game-winning drives especially in the postseason.

joesakic91 says:

Actually, Eli Manning has only two 20+ interceptions thrown seasons in his
career to date. And sure, he might not be a consistent elite QB like Tom
Brady, Drew Brees, Joe Montana, John Elway or even a healthy Peyton
Manning, but Eli knows how to get it done especially in the playoffs. Eli’s
five game-winning drives are tied with Montana for third-most in NFL
playoff history. Only Brady with seven and Elway with six have more. Not
bad for a QB with two SB wins in five playoff appearances.

joesakic91 says:

But John Elway delivered in Denver with two Super Bowl wins with the
Broncos. We all live in a free world and people can whine about Eli’s trade
to the Giants, but he backed it up.

joesakic91 says:

Tell that to John Elway. He did the same thing.

joesakic91 says:

@Steezy Caveman Yeah, a “bum” that made the right decision. Eli Manning
didn’t want to play for a snakebitten franchise like the Chargers and
played for a successful franchise like the Giants and it paid dividends.
Meanwhile, Philip Rivers might go the same route Dan Fouts went: a qb with
great stats, but never made it to the Super Bowl.

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