Eric Decker: 2012-2013 Highlights

Eric Decker: 2012-2013 Highlights

Highlights of the Denver Broncos’ standout receiver Eric Decker, who accumulated 1064 yards on 85 catches, racking up a team high 13 touchdowns, all in just …

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CptMonstar says:

Police take-down @ 2:22

MrSzeklerdude says:

People seem to be distracted with Decker’s athleticism. But he’s a very
intelligent football player. He scored 43 on the Wonderlic. Which makes him
possibly the most intelligent receiver in the NFL.

washington caps says:

saw him in Houston. great experience

Scout says:

Got him on my fantasy team :)

missmckinleyxo says:

Dis nigga can go fuck himself.


i hope we dont let him go. he better stay for years!

pmerk36 says:

White receivers don’t generally get big contracts. You know because they
have “deceptive ” speed.

Adam Hammonds says:

We need to hurry up and sign this man a new contract!

ryanmcom says:

Haha, good one.

wesleyedwards46 says:

Sadly, we don’t have dumervil anymore 🙁

alidaygo619 says:

yeah fasho bruh I actually am happy we lost 2 preseason games cause I feel
if we went 4-0 we would suck come the regular season

rune2hko says:

black? you mean thomas? Lol

crhsfootball19 says:

Eric decker is bigger and even faster than Jordy Nelson and they both have
great hands but no Nelson isn’t better. Decker has more ability, he is

Mia Pischke says:

jordy nelson is better than erick decker but wes is better than bost but
decker is a beast and demarius tohmas!

Alex Waldner says:

Go play outside little boy

Davin Herrmann says:

And Thomas and Thomas

D Ron says:

Im dropping this cracker off my fantasy team

Will Clampitt says:

reminds me of ed mccaffrey

kyle8769 says:

I don’t know about that…i’m sure people took notice of 85 catches 1000+
yards. Kind of like a Larry Fitzgerald Anquan Boldin combo of old with
Decker and Thomas..then throw in Welker and Stokely..gonna be interesting
to watch.

LIBACE9999 says:

Eric Decker is a hottie!! 🙂

SvRS2010 says:

you guys got great recievers…so do we…see you guys in the Super Bowl

Dale Strom says:

9ers are a joke. Bunch of jobbers.

Vishal Patel says:

Decker is a WR1 on most teams

GGxBeast says:

Still think it’s just “on paper”? Did you catch that little game Thursday
night? 4 pro bowl caliber targets. You can’t stop them all.

CptMonstar says:

3:07 Bowling celebration was AWESOME!!!!!

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