Eric Decker’s Crib PKG CMO

Eric Decker’s Crib PKG CMO

Eric Decker gives us a tour of his home.

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liveelovelaugh1 says:

Damn he’s fine

Francesca & Gina says:

Love him !!!

Matt Anderson says:

He should have been in the probowl

Chris Luebbers says:

Decker so down to earth… Great dude and player

Drew Peterson says:

Seems like an alright dude.

NABEHS says:

Why is it when guys see a handsome attractive guy they automatically call
him a douchebag?

Stop trying to put stereotypes on these guys. I hate men like that.

Rylee Metzger says:

Eric decker is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Herb the Perv says:

He’s a cocky douche

brittanyf3x says:

Dinocity123 is a perv

Joshua Rodriguez says:

so? you want a cookie?

David Laplante says:

Go Eric! Go Broncos! Have a nice offseason!!!

MrBrutalee says:

Why is he behaving like a twat?

Mcurleyhair says:

Love me some Eric Decker!”

JPPT1974 says:

Really nice!

funkmex says:

his girl is hot and italian too !

jaxon weber says:

He’s my cousin don’t believe me then ask him I bet you 1000000000000$

Zelmira says:

Damn he’s HOT!

nativealaska says:

Hot wife mr.decker!!!

porkchopbo says:

Better than yours

Dinocity123 says:

His wife is hot

nativealaska says:

Oh sorry girl friend.

stinks kc says:

lol their crib sucks

Jaquelyn Aguirre says:

he looked really hot in this video 😉

Pintor Steven says:

Hes a jerk

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