Escape The Fate – Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction (and a stop at the Puppy Bowl)!

Escape The Fate – Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction (and a stop at the Puppy Bowl)!

Escape the Fate checks in at the Puppy Bowl and gives their prediction for Super Bowl XLVIII! Catch Escape the Fate on the road with Falling In Reverse on th…

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Ludivine Van Biersack says:

Awww Max is f***ing back!!!! <3

Bartek Gerej says:

what was going on in Monte? Reportedly exited from the ETF.

Jack Crespin says:

What was the song going on in the background? I know it’s by them. 

Zero Hope says:

cool fedora craig..

DeathXross says:

Max was paying so much attention on Robert… then Craig farts

Ian Olsen says:

I saw them on the Bury the Hatchet tour the day they filmed this lol

Etfsinner says:


crissyguitarfreak says:

Craig omg XD

Jesus Mendez says:

Did craig really hit thrasher in the ball’s. These guys are really nice I
met them when they came to El Paso TX last month 

Sus Ama says:

“Absolutely fascinating” hahaha.

Nicolas Orlof says:

hahahahah ♥

Melinte Simon says:

Craig is so fat now… iecs!

CopTart says:


ben aflac says:

Denver Donkeys XD

Michele Mele says:

Max and his sense of humour … missed so badly!!!

Tiizii EpicToast says:

MAX U R FUCKING BAAAACK c: hiihii so awesome <3
but miss monte...
Yeee Super bowl m/
U guys r so cool xD

xXScreamTeamXx says:

Lmao! Craig. They’re all awesome! 

Jr Rivera says:

honestly, im glad the money bros left. You guys seem so much happier and
more connected as a band than ever before :)

Ceci Cool says:

I love how Craig is wearing a Bury The Hatchet Tour shirt

tom van der stoep says:

love max is back

Danny Dominguez says:

I saw you guys yesterday!!!
It was awesome
Craig was wearing a Miley Cyrus shirt :3 

Bela Boo says:


ze silva says:

at least they all speak now.. so much better now escape the fate

TheGhost Blaze says:

Haha I freaking love Craig!

Lenon Dias says:

1:26 dick punch!

blackbutlergirl201 says:


Antonia Stinson says:

poor Robert. he got farted on by Craig. sorry dude, have to laugh though

XtheoneandonlyfattyX says:

Totally forgot I was subscribed to this channel… Glad I still was

SkylitProphecy says:

Max is awesome haha

amg43010 says:

Craig is Awesome! Phoenix Suns! Lol

k8lindanielle says:

……They are just a bunch of Fucking Children ……. that I love haha

u avin a giggle m8 says:

i want tjs hair

SquidFiction says:

Wtf Craig, I was eating!

Chelsie Torkelson says:

Max do a video with braynstars !!!! I would loved to see that

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