Escape The Fate – Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction (and a stop at the Puppy Bowl)!



Ludivine Van Biersack says:

Awww Max is f***ing back!!!! <3

Bartek Gerej says:

what was going on in Monte? Reportedly exited from the ETF.

Jack Crespin says:

What was the song going on in the background? I know it’s by them. 

Zero Hope says:

cool fedora craig..

DeathXross says:

Max was paying so much attention on Robert… then Craig farts

Ian Olsen says:

I saw them on the Bury the Hatchet tour the day they filmed this lol

Etfsinner says:


crissyguitarfreak says:

Craig omg XD

Jesus Mendez says:

Did craig really hit thrasher in the ball’s. These guys are really nice I
met them when they came to El Paso TX last month 

Sus Ama says:

“Absolutely fascinating” hahaha.

Nicolas Orlof says:

hahahahah ♥

Melinte Simon says:

Craig is so fat now… iecs!

CopTart says:


ben aflac says:

Denver Donkeys XD

Michele Mele says:

Max and his sense of humour … missed so badly!!!

Tiizii EpicToast says:

MAX U R FUCKING BAAAACK c: hiihii so awesome <3
but miss monte...
Yeee Super bowl m/
U guys r so cool xD

xXScreamTeamXx says:

Lmao! Craig. They’re all awesome! 

Jr Rivera says:

honestly, im glad the money bros left. You guys seem so much happier and
more connected as a band than ever before :)

Ceci Cool says:

I love how Craig is wearing a Bury The Hatchet Tour shirt

tom van der stoep says:

love max is back

Danny Dominguez says:

I saw you guys yesterday!!!
It was awesome
Craig was wearing a Miley Cyrus shirt :3 

Bela Boo says:


ze silva says:

at least they all speak now.. so much better now escape the fate

TheGhost Blaze says:

Haha I freaking love Craig!

Lenon Dias says:

1:26 dick punch!

blackbutlergirl201 says:


Antonia Stinson says:

poor Robert. he got farted on by Craig. sorry dude, have to laugh though

XtheoneandonlyfattyX says:

Totally forgot I was subscribed to this channel… Glad I still was

SkylitProphecy says:

Max is awesome haha

amg43010 says:

Craig is Awesome! Phoenix Suns! Lol

k8lindanielle says:

……They are just a bunch of Fucking Children ……. that I love haha

u avin a giggle m8 says:

i want tjs hair

SquidFiction says:

Wtf Craig, I was eating!

Chelsie Torkelson says:

Max do a video with braynstars !!!! I would loved to see that

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