ESPN First Take: Eli Manning is NOT Great

ESPN First Take: Eli Manning is NOT Great

Sports News, Analysis and Opinion in Real-Time: Skip and Stephen A agree that Eli Manning has proven to not be an elite quarterback.

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Hingle McCringleberry says:

look at how many interceptions favre has. he’s still going to the hall of

joe smith says:

luck dosent win u 2 super bowls wat eli did too get too both super bowls
is wat u have too consider beat green bay twice in green bay beat san
fran in san fran in 2007 11 road wins beat dallas in 2007 in
dallas won 5 out of 6 playoff games on the road in both super
bowl runs ! that alone should get him into the hall of fame that’s
a quarterback!!

champion909 says:

Eli had a bad season, but he’s fully capable of bouncing back next season.

alienhowitzer54 says:

Stephen A basically said why Eli isn’t great. Because he’s inconsistent
every game every year he now has 3 seasons with 20+ INT’S. Only Farve has
more. Sure he’s won 2 super bowls mainly on miracles but nonetheless he won
them MVP in both but is he going to have a MVP season like his brother has
had no because Eli can’t do it that’s not him. He’s a QB who will win you
some games but without those Tom Brady Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers
stats. He is not a Hall of Fame QB in my opinion.

Top_Notch_Sports says:

Eli is a decent season qb but a phenomenal playoff qb so when I way those
two things I say he’s a top level qb because he’s a winner.great playoff
stats and two amazing drives on the two biggest stages in sports.many of
the picks this year haven been his fault they’ve been route running or tips

Thomas Smith says:

I agree both SB wins were lucky. If Asante Samuels had not dropped that
interception in SB the Patriots would’ve gone 19-0. And if Wes Welker
would’ve caught that ball in SB 46 the Patriots would’ve won that SB as
well.. Eli is not Elite. He’s just lucky

chugger smith says:

OMG! “And if Wes Welker would’ve caught the ball, the Patriots would’ve
won” – How long are these Pats gonna keep singing that song! Welker
didn’t catch it because Brady through him a shitty pass – Bottom line is
Eli outplayed Brady in SB 46. But will agree with Steve Smith that Eli is
not consistent enough to be “great” despite getting the hardware twice.

ractsninjas says:

all i hear is crying. Crying about the Patriots not winning. 

TheFerrarimovement says:

I don’t understand why the Giants are so hated. Everybody talks shit about
them wither they’re doing well and especially when they play bad. No matter
how you spin it luck doesn’t win you sb’s let alone mvp’s.. Giants play
well and it’s luck or it’s only because of defense, anything but Eli,
Giants play bad and it’s all Eli’s fault. Media wants to constantly call
him bad, well then whats that make Romo, Ryan, Vick, Mcnab, Rivers, Smith,
Cam, Kaep, RG3 all these qb’s with all this talent and they never win shit.
Yet the media sucks their dicks like they’re the best. 

Aj Cal says:

Skip ALMOST touched on the right explanation…the playoffs are so full of
randomness that building a reputation off post season success solely is a
mistake. Forget eli, look at flacco, who was sensational in the postseason
last year and has sucked for most of the year since that. Or mark sanchez
who was good in the postseason but sucked everywhere else. 

WickHD says:

All of you will eat your words, they are 4 and 6 now. We all know that the
Giants have the slowest start in all of the league. I predict that they
will end with a positive record.

ractsninjas says:

This idiot has to be a partriots fan. To call his Super Bowl wins lucky.
Giants are having a bad season. This is true. But Eli is still has a two
superbowl rings and two MVPS in the super bowl.

slhoffman8 says:

@Michael Kimball You mad, bro? You seriously need to grow up, son, because
your attitude is atrocious. Seriously, assclowns like you make me sick. So
take your own advice and shut the fuck up.

joe smith says:

so wats greatness tom brady 3 sb lets see all won by fgs first one got on
by ref mistake second choking mcnabb gets sick 3rd one fox kicks punt out
of bounce pats on the 40 and not too mention the weak ass division pats are
in the success comes from that and belichiiek

BIRD MAN says:

Eli most over rated QB of all time

BIRD MAN says:

Not because of ELI…..Defense and one lucky hail mary….He sucks just
like this year……..

tonycapt1 says:

He doesn’t suck, but he is not great by any means. Having said that, he
owns two super bowl rings and two Superbowl MVP”S. Not many can say that,
including his Hall Of Fame bound brother.

tonycapt1 says:

Skip Bayless is overrated! Has lots to say and he has an empty trophy case
at home!

Michael Kimball says:

Yeah hes overrated….LOL….@ super Bowls in the last 5 years and @ Super
Bowl MVP’s….Shut your mouth if you have no idea what your talking

Michael Kimball says:

Exactly!!! Thank you!! Eli is probably the most questioned QB of all time.
Skip dont bring up the pass to Manningham from the 5. Who makes that pass?
Maybe Peyton? Get over yourself Skip. This is a guy, in Skip Bayless who
defends Tony Romo!!!??? Then has the audacity to bash Eli???!!!??

Michael Kimball says:

Number one, your opinion is horribly shitty. Number two walrus?????
LMAO….It’s Walrus….Another dumb shit moron…Just looking at your
redneck ass makes me laugh.

Rick Svarney says:


DKSchrute says:

Eli is better than RGIII…

BeaglesRuleTheRoost says:

Not great? He’s fucking mediocre. Look at the big picture. Look at the game
tape. Look at the stats. Third best qb in the NFC east only ahead of that
dog murderer.

RaiderDeepBall says:

If Eli is a HOF’er than so should Plunkett.

james layton says:

hmm funny how it’s flucky when Eli manning puts together two of the most
legendary game winning drives, in two of the most epic and most viewed sb’s
in history, one of them against a squad that was 18-0 and virtually
unstoppable, scores touchdowns on both, full length of the field, but when
the great tom gets into field goal range against the greatest show on turk
and his kicker wins it for him, same thing against carolina and philly,
thats greatness!!!

Antoine Bonner says:

And lucky

james layton says:

Eli misses a pass or two, sure the pats could have 5 sb’s. Vice versa, adam
shanks a couple of kicks, the great tom could easily be the next jim kelley
a hand full of appearances, with no rings on it lol!!

fishnet9002 says:

they don’t give the defenses no credit.

fishnet9002 says:

you know what this show is shitty, Both these bastards are writers they
have not shown me their career stats for playing in the league, now Eli
isn’t the best QB in the league but any other year before this year he was
considered a top ten QB. That year Ronde Barber was talking shit Eli took
them to and won the super bowl… These guys and this show is shit.

kilian laverty says:

wait til the end of the season

fishnet9002 says:

I’d like to see players do commercials and say this is how uncordinated
Steven when he tries to inspire athelates or this is how Skip too slow
with his typing. Mitches for real

slhoffman8 says:

Eli is overrated.

cunt400 says:

LOL 95% Eli’s fault?? This show is a JOKE! Look at the O-line, the RBs, the
TE’s, the coaches. More like 10% Eli’s fault

ReignSupreme287 says:

What the hell man they talk about scoring consistency in football here but
they completely ignore it when it comes to basketball.

MrTonyjeremy says:


Anthony Delmonico says:

Hmmm no mention of Eli’s MANY 4th quarter comeback rampages in the same
season that he won the 2011 superbowl. Is there anyone out there capable of
bashing Eli’s SB success without using the word “fluky”? Doesn’t seem like

Franklin McCants Jr says:

I’ve been thinking the same exact thing! lol

lovelyblues rawr says:

if he wasn’t so damn busy doing those commercials, he could’ve used it to

holywar911 says:

Its not just eli…the o line sucks. The d fens sucks. Nicks not playing
good. No running back.

Mrfightingspirit1 says:

Biggest fluke superbowl champion ever, delusional giant fans……….

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