“Ew!” with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell & First Lady Michelle Obama

“Ew!” with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell & First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama teaches Sara and Stacy that being active and eating right isn’t so “ew!” Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: h…

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Tom Cote says:

I’m getting way too old….completely lame…

pseudocomrade09 says:

Jay Leno is a fucking right-wing nutjob that deserves to be kicked out from
his show! Good riddance! Jimmy Fallon is a good choice, and Michelle Obama
looks beautiful on TV; even the audience can show how respectful they give
to her! Long live Jimmy Fallon! Death to Jay Leno!

DozaCraft says:

So… he left SNL to host his own show, and now he’s completely ripping off

OckhamAsylum says:

Really? You’ve got Will Ferrell in a dress and this is the best you can do
with that? This is a miserable excuse for comedy.

AznSensAsians says:


collguyjoe99 says:

The Democrat Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon(D)

Okemicco says:

Moochelle is a glutinous ball of sweaty rectal hairs. The foolish people
who support her and her evil ways should be set on fire for the betterment
of society.

Thomas Wickett says:

The title almost says it all. “EWWW!”

Paul Chadbourne says:

gonna have to see his SNL skit ruining mug for 20+ years now that he has
the tonight show spot. Leave me alone and don’t put this crap on my home
page i’m not subscribed!!!!! what’s with youtube, are they in love with

EagleOfJustice1776 says:

Typical of the Obama’s; Never pass up a chance to push an agenda.
Ruined a great skit too.
How much did this little jaunt cost the taxpayers?

hawgey says:

This was horrible and painful to watch on TV….I am not watching it again
on Youturd.

92fudbaler says:

sad is the only word to describe this skit.

tripletrules says:

This is why I don’t watch tv anymore. Wow.

miked1120 says:

bored after a minute. Dumb skit.

MuahMan says:

Can we get Jay Leno back? Fallon only got the job because he changed his
Jew name.

velzeh sedam says:

This is so not funny. Fallon is a Jew so fuck him and his Jewish humor.
Michelle Obongo is a fucking nigger and Will Ferrell is a green Christmas

Shawn B says:

(standing ovation)

blackopsfan00 says:


Isa Wuenschel says:

Our first lady is awesome.

AWsquared says:

I love seeing the political debate going on in the comments. If you don’t
like Obama and his Administration that’s fine, but this isn’t supposed to
be taken seriously….the First Lady’s just trying to be a normal human and
make people laugh. The President and his wife should be able to have fun
every now and then! This is not the place for politics, it’s only supposed
to be a joke. Quit taking stuff so seriously and lighten up. 

chris s says:

i hate gurreey eww!

Brian Roush says:

Didn’t know the ape could speak. Evolution? ?

william cox says:


Austin Jones says:

Typical white dads are the best thing to ever happen to comedy

Nartea Bay says:

greatest president ever!! Barack Obama

in2food says:

I made it to 2:20. Fallon is great but this skit is horrible…..

GoYoteSlaya says:

I could see thus becoming a porno

Martin Miranda says:

its comedy people if u take anything seriously joke on you.

Briz Nest says:

Who knew this many people would get this crazy over a comedy skit relax
people get along.

Mijamoto says:

Are Americans so brain damaged?

Mark Magana says:

this is not funny at all

John Rodgers says:

utterly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. the whole thing was

John M. says:

He’s actually succeeding in ruining The Tonight Show.

Wes Chu says:

seeing men dressed as a women is both sick and funny

Abu Antar says:

Why do people think Jimmy Fallon is funny? How easily are they amused? A
guy making a face dressed like a transvestite is clever?

laiza millan says:

they’re obviously aiming this towards the younger crowd adding a bit of
comedy and even a one direction reference. But honestly, the whole point of
this was the message to stay fit and eat healthy and there are people here
who are hating over it? Grow up, please. At least the “stupid skit” is
giving a positive message. Enough with the immature hate and racism,
because it’s getting ridiculous and ignorant.

Tiff Lin says:

It’s funny 🙂

Imitating valley girls and crossdressing is always interesting.

Dave Wright says:

Fallon sounds like an angry sushi chef who might have sampled too much

J Wraith says:

Way better than seeing Nancy Reagan on “Diff’rent Strokes.”

FUN4NOON says:

cann’t stop laugh lol love this video

Tyler J says:

Jesse Ventura for president 2016

MandyP1246 says:

Jimmy said SHY face off, not GUY face off.

mdbgumby says:

Wow, that was horrible. I miss Jay.

moob1234321 says:

This sketch was EW! In the bad way.

Micah F says:

Enough bad things could not be said about this. 

fairuz fayrouz says:

All three look like drag queens

mlh stein says:

It was funny until Michelle walked in…..

Filmtress Mu says:

Michelle is funny. 

Z- Schwa says:

Sara’s dad reminds me of Flanders from the Simpsons. Anyone else seem like
he reminds you of Flanders?

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