First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Health and Healthcare

First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Health and Healthcare

Jimmy asks First Lady Michelle Obama about two major White House initiatives: Let’s Move and the Affordable Care Act. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starr…

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The Best says:

calling ALL young people knuckleheads is very offensive.
some would wanna make a conscious decision not to sign up for this
nightmare called ObamaCare, particularly for financial reasons.
and being able to stay on your parents insurance (a popular aspect of the
law) is not for free. it is actually on average an extra 1,400 a year.

HoiPolloi says:

Am I the only person who thinks it’s wrong for politicians and their
spouses to be appearing on talk shows? Why do we continue to put these
politicians up on pedestals and admire them as if they were gods or
celebrities – they are neither. They were put in office to do a job. They
are employees and they work for we the people. We are the boss of this
country, not the politicians! 

Christine Shoemaker says:

“knuckleheads”… Hmmm… I’m sorry, who’s gonna pay for YOUR mistakes when
you “kick the can”? We are modernizing more than ever in this great day and
age, and are moving towards a better, less-prejudice country. We are not
“knuckleheads”, Michelle Obama.

Shiggystardust says:

she’s awesome! i can’t fathom how anyone cannot like her

Tony Bologna says:

I’m 37-38 and I got health insurance in 2010 and I was paying $90 a month
and now 3 years later I’m paying $195 a month. I haven’t had so much as a
part-time job since 2010 and I can’t even get a job now that I have a B.A.

Trish says:

God I love Michelle so much. She is so real and down to earth.

Nerve Damage says:

0:56 “I can see some of these things… but I can’t see everything… so
what we’re asking people to do is show us how you’re moving and we want
people to facebook it, tweet it, instagram it”… not surprising that the
gov wants to watch what we’re doing, lol.

smowkdaddy says:

Jimmie liberal Fallon! Thanks. NBC for firing Leno because he didn’t like
Obama! You can keep your crappy insurance! Airheads!

Andrew Pantera says:

1:32 well now it’s not a surprise

volcommerce says:

She looks like a malnourished snapping turtle

Ned Ryerson says:

Remember the movie ‘Alien’? Her mouth looks like the ‘mouth inside the
mouth’ of the alien creatures.

Grace Moon says:

She’s a very intelligent lady.

Edie Anderson says:

Mrs. Obama has done more for bringing awareness to physical fitness and
healthy eating than any First Lady before her. I am so proud to call
Michelle …First Lady Michelle…

octopibingo says:

Let’s stop pretending a couple things. First, that the Obamas are part of
the “beautiful people.” They’re average-looking people, Barack especially
so. Second, that they’re intelligent. Intelligent people learn the lessons
from oppressive Socialistic regimes, they don’t embrace and repeat them.

BombasticLove87 says:

You drive, you pay car insurance. You live, you pay health insurance. Its
not an outrageous idea. In fact its the most logical one out there.

Chaseyourdreamsfly says:

Sure wish I was in that audience~~

northFRZ says:

only a stupid brainwashed sheep signs up for obamacare

videogamejo says:

Health care is more expensive now. Why is it called the Affordable Care
Act if it just made everything more expensive?

charles lovett says:

come on folks and get active and join me in reporting and more importantly
getting these racist, un-American @assholes comments deleted okay…..we
have to put these republican/teabagging pieces of u.s. sh!ts in their
proper places and that is off the net and hopefully out of our great nation
too at some point….very classy FLOTUS Michelle Obama. I love you, I love
my president and I love my country more than enough to not confront these
cavemen prehistoric republican rednecks who seem to slither out of their
holes whenever our 1st family speaks or youtube post their videos with them
on it….

Russell Barker says:

The deductible is the bad part. It is way higher. And why should someone
that has payed into their insurance plan for many many years and not had
any issues have to pay more for the young ones that are statistically more
prone to death and injury from motorcycle accidents and stupidity?

Said So says:

she looks like a long foreheaded snake

RambleOn1970 says:

Knuckleheads…. are you kidding me!? yes id agree maybe someare, but
really All young people… thats pretty offensive to me considering ive
done all my research and seem to be a pretty well informed “young person”
and ive made the wise decision not to sign up. btw mrs first lady… i
know how to cook, and clean, and take care of myself because i havent been
living in a nursing home my whole life in which you seem to believe

Justin Truax says:

My gym shoes were $20, and I’ve used them for 3+ years now..

Take your health care and shove it up your ass, whenever it actually works!

I’m sick of this bullshit. Rich people expecting poor people to pay money
for this kind of crap. Take it from the rich and let it trickle down to the

Ethan Benedict says:

thumbs dowwwn

kerosoldier says:

well mrs. obama, im so dumb, i cant get insurance because i have no money.
lady, your not america’s mother, uve acted like you are and its not
working. Your husband should be impeached and if anyone disagrees, stating
that the reason he is going around congress becuase they’re dragging their
feet, lets me state something…the job of the executive office, under the
constitution, is to enforce the laws, not change them when it feels like
the law isn’t going the way they want it to. by circumventing congress, the
president is violating his oath of office. therefore he is breaking the law
and should be impeached. under this administration, our debt has tripled,
people have become less inclined to seek jobs, more people are applying for
government aid rather than helping themselves. one democratic official
stated the obamacare will cause people to be less incentive to seek
employment, why? because they wont have to worry about their health or
other needs. our gas prices, nationwide have been at their highest for he
longest sustained period since obama took over. his foreign policy has been
a disaster, putting us into a weaker position in the eyes of the world. the
fcc is wanting to put moderators in news stations to determine whether
there is a bias in their reporting. in 2012, obama killed the keystone
pipeline, which would have created thousands of jobs, because he wanted to
“study” it more. it now in construction, but at the time, it enraged people
on both sides of the border. in the aftermath of the BP explosion, he
placed a moratorium on offshore drilling, all the oil platform left the
gulf taking the thousands of jobs they created and the industries and
businesses that supported the offshore platforms vanished. in 2011, Boeing
wanted to put a plant into south carolina, but obama went to the labor
relations board and had them kill it because south carolina is a “right to
work” state, meaning that a person did not have to be a part of a union to
work in that state. if i step on any pro-labor people’s toes, well tough,
the concept of the union was great, it helped create the week work we have
now, but over the last 30 years, they have grown too large and too
powerful, influencing political opinion. we have OSHA to handled working
conditions now. he allowed four americans to die, and then balmed their
deaths on a video that was actually fact based about islam, and than had
the gall to imprison the maker of that video. since when did islam become
so protected? and yet Christians are persecuted at home for their beliefs?
it was a planned and coordinated attack on our embassy. the president is a
socialist and a narcissist. a flouter of his oath. this economy is his, and
stop the bush blame. its time to wake up America.

if any of this information seems biased, look it up, its public knowledge
and read the constitution

surferd619 says:

the demon’s wast hole speaks….

Rafael Sanchez says:

I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon. I hope his show tanks. We don’t need another
show to dumb down America.

CraigBarduk says:

propaganda on NBC? well I never…

bouchard420 says:

Whoever though Jimmy Fallon could replace Jay Jeno needs a smack upside the
head. Jimmy has never been funny and he just seems so fake.

Kaleb Abbrat says:

if you are buying gym shoes every month?

Raydean13 says:

It really sucks that Jimmy Fallon is allowing FLOTUS to push her agenda.
Jimmy- stop being the liberal playground. Stick with entertaining and
you’ll do much better 

MrZanyGaming says:

Our government has proven time and time again that they are incompetent
compared to private companies when it comes to anything except killing
people. Construction, healthcare, you name it the private sector does it
cheaper and better.

It’s unfortunate that so many people are brainwashed into thinking that
this is going to benefit our healthcare system. If you look at other
countries that follow similar plans, you will see that they are far behind
the U.S. in terms of Healthcare competence. 

Paris Hour says:

I’m not trying to be offensive. But is that her real hair??
It looks too good to be true but it also looks like its coming directly
from her hair roots…

fairuz fayrouz says:

Funny, a week before she moved to the White House, it didn’t look like she
was moved at all. She was very fat then, less fat now.

Jeremy Galvez says:

We bash political figures more than celebrities nowadays, its really sad.

desnee718 says:

i love her

Kay Attah says:

People who are commenting negatively. If you don’t have anything nice to
say bore off.

Kareem Ateeqi says:


Carloscda40 says:

The hate and disrespect towards the First Lady and the President over the
stupidest things are not only juvenile but pathetic!! You people need to
grow the F up and get a F ing life!!

Umesh Shimpi says:


Benjamin Keefer says:

Because kids everywhere in the U.S. need to buy tennis shoes EVERY MONTH!

frostbite2143 says:

What the hell? Half of the schools in America don’t feed kids enough. Sure
you will cut down on obesity, but how is starvation the answer. Do you know
how many kids eat only a bag of chips a day. She visits all these rich
schools, but let’s see her go to a poor school and fucking eat with the
kids. Hell, that might even brighten their day before they get shot or
someone gets pregnant! 

c-sleet ray says:

we are being rocked to sleep, my health care doubled. frogs in boiling

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