Fred Talks: College of Balsa Wood – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Fred Talks: College of Balsa Wood – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Further your education at the brand-new college Fred started! Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers:…

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franalations says:

Fred for prez!!!!

Dudeomfgstfux says:

This is one of his best ideas 

The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says:

Fred Armisen, saving Late Night one discussion at a time.

nikoloz svanidze says:

Fred Talks is the best segment so far in LNSM

Lilly Mackrijt says:

I would give everything to attend lnsm to see Fred!

Musal Mueen says:

This is criminally short. Fred talks, should be at least 3 minutes long.
Also unscripted. This felt a little rehearsed. 

Valient Sortel says:

Love it

Jess Molina says:

Fred’s, I am not amused face, will never get old

Lilly Mackrijt says:

Fred for president!

aejones says:

“Late Night with Fred Armisen” please!

Charlotte Annelise says:

I laugh every time I see that blank stare

Anders Engdahl says:

Fred armisen is killing me, its unreal how funny he is

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