Gerry McNamara syracuse highlights

Gerry McNamara syracuse highlights

tribute to McNamara’s Syracuse basketball career.

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David60s says:

Gerry – Awesome career @ SU. You’re a NBA Pro always in my book – and you
would of made a great one there too! Just work with coach and get SU to
NCAA championship – that’s all that matters in schema of life.

Nathan Bradley says:

My favorite SU player of all time!!!! Trevor Cooney has a chance but has a
long way to go 

john41199 says:

he ended his career?

benmajors888 says:


XzFOZZYzX says:

I cried.

orageman says:

Gosh….he was absolutely amazing. One of the best of all time! We always
had a chance to win with Gerry!!!

ibleedcarolinablue says:

g mac reminded me of steve nash

pooe ladsyd says:

learn how to spell u fuckin joke…..ur the only sad thing on this page u

gino3254 says:

gerry was the man he did everyhting in college that every other point guard
did to get into the nba. when he wasent drafted i was pissed it was the
most bullshit ever that he never had the oppourtunity to show what he could
do at the next level. GMONEY$ #3 ill always be a fan of you.

mannykg24 says:

Gerry McNamara is an inspiration to all basketball players from small

20BoondockSaint20 says:

He stayed because he never got picked up by a pro team. Even today, he’s
playing overseas. He vacationed with my family last year and at the time he
was playing in Germany, doing very well though. I’m not saying he doesn’t
deserve his shot, he just hasn’t been given one.

willlliw says:


freddieadu9 says:

have a clinic with em tom.

Nathan Bradley says:

its no disrepect to sherm or pearl, Gerry had nobody his junior and senior
years. and very underdeveloped demetrius nichols? terrance roberts? devo?
daryl watkins? and Gerry never played shooting guard. when he was in the
game he was the point guard

trimdog11 says:

amazing vid dude

cnsbaseball08 says:

nice video dude. i live in syracuse he was awesome

goneskateing236 says:

he went out or the utah jazz and was the last to be cut

frankstall2 says:

at 4:02 DID HE DIE

thesupa07 says:

is he in the nba???

Aijhiad says:

i think hes on the staff at syracuse now

secondsunn4 says:

G Mac is the man…sick pullup..hopefully he goes somewhere overseas to

JCbanks71 says:

5:34 315!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lazerlazer says:

That was sad at the end of the video. It’s unfortunate Gerry had to have
all of those injuries at the end of his career when all of the NBA scouts
where out looking at him. So sad for one of the greatest, most
inspirational players from here in Scranton and the great city of Syracuse,
one of my favorites.

Tyler Williamson says:

Jim Boeheim is a Hall of Fame coach. No doubt about it.

puredmashie says:

i saw the kid make a three pointer from the right corner to beat notre dame
as time expired. jeremy mcneil made two free throws for what seemed to be
the first time all year and we held the irish for a stop to close the lead
to one. when mcnamara’s man left him to double on carmelo, he got the pass
and drained the shot. the mother of all money shots.

JCbanks71 says:

dont disrespect Pearl and sherman douglas, those were the 2 best PGs in
syracuse history Gmac was the best shooting guard in cuse history

settyman says:


Jay LaFountaine says:

Gerry is awesome. He is on the Utah Jazz roster right now for preseason. I
had met him once and he posed for a picture with my daughter. He will
always be one of my all-time favorites.

YouDaBamaOfTheWeek says:

he was too short and not athletic enough. One of the best pure jump
shooters I have ever seen – its a shame.

Tread Lightly. says:

@gino3254 are you fucking retarded

WhiteAndNerdy1303 says:

Ive met Gerry, he was nothing but a Hardworker who though nothing of
himself, dudes a beast… Gmac 3 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait till his
numbers retired..

woundedpoodle says:

greatest cuse player ever. had the guts to stay 4 years. something mello
could never do.

Zachary Chestnut says:

what happened to him someone please tell me, does he play in a different
league or something

WhoIsTheAndyMan says:

I know, at least he has an assistant coach position at Syracuse again. He’s
working with Trevor Cooney right now, who McNamara himself claims has more
talent then him.

lockguy34 says:

go cuse this year lets play wit da heart of gerry the power of coleman and
the poise of mello. 2010 champs

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