Greatest Game Ever Played Syracuse vs uconn

Greatest Game Ever Played Syracuse vs uconn

This is highlights of the epic game at the garden between Syracuse and uconn during the big east tournament.

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Timothy Pridell says:

Why do people have to be miserable on a good video on a historic game that
most likely won’t ever be duplicated? Anyway thanks for the vid Well done!!

Andy Krajewski says:

Cuse shoulda won at the buzzer

Taylor Bricker says:

great call from sean mcdonough on this game

0zee says:

Longest game ever played is more like it.

Thomas Maton says:

i appreciate the video, don’t appreciate the music and definitely don’t
appreciate the uploader being an asshole to anyone who gives criticism

Scott J says:

“What a play by Hasheem Thabeet!” Now there’s a line we haven’t heard in
over three years, and won’t ever hear again.

gerrymacfan45 says:

@thecuseorange15 Listen to the music fag it actually fits well. U make a
video then brah then talk but for now shut up.

Justin Darling says:

The 2 dislikes are from Ohio State fans 😛 Go ‘Cuse!!!

ky1eduffy56 says:

love the music

MJ Reddy says:

Syracuse the Great !!

Mo Ham says:

music is pointless

tdogg98264 says:

I was SCREAMING at my TV when Devendorf threw that elbow on Adrien at 3:24
and they didn’t call anything. Only way this game could have been better is
if UConn had won. Still the best game I’ve ever seen.

TheLoveBroken2 says:

Icon blows. Go Cuse!

thereitstuff says:

UCONN won that game. Rautins his 2 shots out of his ass and even he knows
it, even though he’ll never admit it

csnewyork96 says:

it woulda been much better without the music…the announcers reactions to
the game are priceless

BieberSwaag1 says:

Do you think Buffalo Wild Wings had anything to do with this game?

Hariss19 says:


Ryan Siskar says:

And Uconn loses to the OrangeMEN again!

GFrench3309 says:

At the espys that year I don’t understand how that didn’t win best game of
the year Im a huge fuse fan but both teams played great

Sun of Nothing says:

>”It doesn’t get any better!” >>5 more overtimes

Lebrick James says:

1:03 yes there was a lot of time left in the game

JLine909 says:

greatest game i’ve ever seen

gerrymacfan45 says:

@tobbockus069 thanks, the replay of game is actually on this wed at 1:00 on
Espn Claissic.

Thekikler1 says:

I have no idea what you people are talking about, the music makes it so
much more dramatic, Dramatic Music for a Dramatic Game! Go Orangemen! #1

phoosc25 says:

@Uconnjoke i agree. Im a syracuse fan and the win was nice but the game
itself was amazing. uconn and cuse have such a great rivalry. As much as i
hate uconn, i would die to have Stanley on my team

MrLucky5678 says:

Music got me nervous… 6 fucken OT’s holy shit but my team won and I am

Uconnjoke says:

altho imma uconn fan, i have to say, the greatest game ive ever seen

Ryan Siskar says:

And Uconn loses to the OrangeMEN again!

pixarian says:

i concur. huge basketball fan here, seen this live, best game i’ve ever

gerrymacfan45 says:

@skankuser shut up asshole. If u were smart, u would go to the right of the
screen or search this game again. Other people have the whole game or parts
of it with only audio. I like it and thats all that matters. Make ur own
fool. Pce out

kirbyidentitytheif says:

Great game, but it would have been better if they won by a buzzer beater
and not free throws. Still,,,Epic

larma7 says:

This is easily one of the best games I have ever seen, obviously. And I
remember that this game was on LATE at night, and I really needed to go to
bed, but as a Syracuse fan and a witness of history, I just couldn’t. The
way it all unfolded was just unbelievable. Then to think the next night
after this game, they played in Overtime and won vs West Virginia. And I
still always remember this Big East tournament year as if Syracuse won,
even though they of course lost in the Finals to Louisville.

15gbsoccer says:

@gerrymacfan45 hahahaha that’s cute considering you probably ride the bench
on whatever team you play. more people care about/play soccer than they
care about/play your shitty sport. you wouldn’t last 10 seconds in a soccer
game you pussy. and that’s a promise.

youngmateo333 says:

su fans are lucky dyson wasn’t playing

skankuser says:

@gerrymacfan45 No, it doesn’t fit well. People want to hear the announcers.
If I wanted to hear this music, I’d watch “Remember the Titans” again or
download the score off of Amazon. Put it up here without the god damn music.

Murat Demir says:

yeah thats right boys if the us doesnt care about something then it does
not qualify to exist, and when people watch a video they dont like theyre
not allowed comment on it and youtubes dumb for putting a comments section.
oh and if your a prick named gerrymacfan45 u get to decide everything,
whether someone should go fck themselves or if there comments are not funny
or bullcrap. thats just the way this shit works.

malballer3 says:

i think at the end of regulation when devendorf made that 3 they should
have counted it because it was way to nice of a shot

earthmaster says:

LOL your an idiot soccer is the biggest sport in the world and the world
doesn’t revolve around the USA. Nice video but you just made yourself lose
all credibility for that stupid comment.

guitarboy487 says:

syracuse is beast

Benjamin Weiss says:

would have been alot better without the retarted music in the background

gerrymacfan45 says:

@MatRosie remember the titans

PMuna Baud says:

…which you dont have. ya dig? not at all being a dick or anything but
those things are what you should include to make it a dope as$ vid. cuz
cuse is sick. and needs more vyoutube videos and highlights like what you
put up. anywways i like your vidoe and love cuse. cant wait for this
season. oh and gmac for president, prolly my favorite player of all time.
madd heart and determination. much love brothas

Taylor Bricker says:

i love this vid

Scott J says:

@thecuseorange15 Ironically you misspelled “retarded”. Good one.

Parker Klein says:

I hate it so much when people add music to these videos

ShadowBeatzInc says:

The most epic basketball game ever played, with music from the most epic
movie ever made, made by a guy with a reference to a Syracuse legend in his
name… you sir, are a man

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