Halle Berry’s Gift to Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show



Shaun1gza says:

Halle Berry 46 years old, oweeeee she lookin GOOODDDD. She look better
than most females half her age.

kywog says:

Lol I love when Queen turns her music on at random times and starts
dancing. Most talk show host would not do so, I love it. What is the song
she is playing?

Marquis Hubert says:

Halle still beautiful smh. she never age.

Augusta Simmons says:

So funny:)

Y GM says:

I love Halle Berry!!!

Ronnie Martinez says:

Turn up lol love Queen 

mosez100 says:

aw how cute! two lovely ladies!

dimpleeyes says:

Oh Halle, that’s because your beauty is so timeless.

Anne Hamilton says:

So Beautiful.

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