Halle Berry’s Gift to Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show

Halle Berry’s Gift to Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show

Halle Berry is surprised that Queen Latifah still has a gift that Halle gave her when she was nominated for an Oscar and Halle’s response to be referenced in…

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Shaun1gza says:

Halle Berry 46 years old, oweeeee she lookin GOOODDDD. She look better
than most females half her age.

kywog says:

Lol I love when Queen turns her music on at random times and starts
dancing. Most talk show host would not do so, I love it. What is the song
she is playing?

Marquis Hubert says:

Halle still beautiful smh. she never age.

Augusta Simmons says:

So funny:)

Y GM says:

I love Halle Berry!!!

Ronnie Martinez says:

Turn up lol love Queen 

mosez100 says:

aw how cute! two lovely ladies!

dimpleeyes says:

Oh Halle, that’s because your beauty is so timeless.

Anne Hamilton says:

So Beautiful.

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