Happy 20th Birthday Harry Styles! Our top five Harry moments

Happy 20th Birthday Harry Styles! Our top five Harry moments

Subscribe to TheShowbiz411! http://goo.gl/SsI4eN Happy 20th Birthday Harry Styles! To celebrate the One Direction hunk’s birthday we’ve picked out our top fi…

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One Direction Fan Page says:

Our top five Harry Styles moments


madison styles says:

Happy Birthday babe:)

Δέσποινα Γεωργιάδου says:

<3 <3 <3

SP Murphy says:

LOL! He’s gonna be 20 tomorrow! 

ftlptba says:

where is that last footage with him in the grey shirt meeting and greeting
fans?the orig video i mean

Harry Girl❤ says:


sonrisa Verdean says:


Teresa Gorsline says:

What does he say at about 40 seconds? Something like “I’ve never met
someone from *__*”.

Niamh O'Shaughnessy says:

Happy birthday harry

SapphireCloudGirl says:

Happy birthday Harry!!!!!!!!! Love you. Lol, i had no idea you’re 20

zara arizmendi says:


Gracey Mehra says:

Happy birthday I love u hope you have a great day cuz this day belongs to u

Amina Ferovic says:

Harry is everything

Sarah ZULFIQHAR says:

A very happy bday to u…keep smiling 4ever.


I love Harry but he’s the only guy in 1D that they focus on like the whole
media they only focus on Harry! They didn’t do this for niall or liam or
Louis or zayn but harry that just pisses me off!! But yeah I had to let
that out but MY GOD SOOOO MANY MANY CARROTS HERE MY GOD!!!!!! (Down below)

Mackenzie Walker says:

Love you harry♥ PS happy birthday♥ 

roscoegrass says:

happy birthday

Emily Lightfoot says:

happy birthday harry! I looove you!!!

Katie Stang says:

Cheake out my video of Harry terming 20 TODAY

Arundhati Nair says:

hary i will always adore you.. happy bdayy! <3xO

Rhianna Caillie says:

i love you harry styles

Taimane Lewis says:

“BANG!!!” I mean that should be illegal for him to do stuff like that cuz
when people watch it they are gonna die. There is gonna be a bunch of
graves in graveyards saying “Died because watching harry freaking
styles”…jk…that was really bad

Nusaiba Hossain says:

Harry!!! OMG <3

Dark.little.eyes light says:


xReverse321 says:

Harry Styles is the only kid I know in 1D a d he’s the only cool one. I
think Harry is awesome

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