Harry Styles Facts

Harry Styles Facts

Just facts about Harry Styles from One Direction. I’ll be doing Zayn Malik facts next *I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. ALL RIGHTS GO TO OWNER OF PICTURES, FACTS, AND …

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ALawlorff says:

Is 4:44 true ?

Jessica williams says:

I wish I could at least meet Harry and get a hug from him. My life would be

Janiyah Baker says:

Love you harry

Lena Ali says:

o harry u have a great heart 

Sadie martin says:

At 3:36 what song is that

Amanda Calimese says:

Aww! Thanks for posting this

Kayla Bosly says:

I gotta either get me some peppermint perfume or eat a lot of mints. I also
enjoy the smell of peppermint on guys. U cant see but I’m.doing that
eyebrow thing. Lol

Dunia Cuador says:

He is so cute and he isn’t gay

Eleri Northwood says:

We love harry u won’t loose fanz xxxxxx

BeautifulSoul says:

ur so sweet and kind hearted ur never going to lose us (fans) harry and i
think its funny yet sad that you got kicked out of a supermarrket. and
sweet yet sad that you gave your jacket to a fan making them warm but u
freeze. we love u harry and we always will. :-)

Fierce Gurl says:

His favorite animal is a cat not turtle:)

Joanna Barahona says:

Loved this 🙂

Barbaratsolakidou says:

thank you gyes:’)

hillary fernandez says:

I thought you had to starve yourself until you died,and whoever
survives,gets to pig out on whatever food they want and like

Abigail Evans says:

I sure you’re not ugly, don’t say that!

Abigail Evans says:

So did I at first! One of my friends said something like “I love the hunger
games and am not ashamed” and I was like “If that’s what you like I

Luna Love says:

1:12 … thats… thats me .. hehe

Parthivi Choubey says:

He is nt gay

Marie Cassandra says:

Harry said this himself!! 2:58 You are beautiful 🙂 Whether it’s your
personality, or whether you’re super pretty and you don’t realize it! 🙂

coco delights says:

see i hvnt met but i know that your very pretty just smile and think
positive one tip carry yourself well and then no one in the world will dare
call you …. your pretty very pretty …… bye

teffy rivera says:

But harry’s gay sooooo.

hillary fernandez says:

2:51 I thought Hunger Games was about food too!!

Sangamitra Shakya says:

we love Harry <3 Mwah!!!!!!!!!!

TheNewForeign says:

You’re not ugly. Never say that about yourself. I think you’re beautiful. I
know that I haven’t seen you but the fact that you are insecure just proves
how beautiful you are.

Barbaratsolakidou says:

aaww guyes love ya soo:’)3

Barbaratsolakidou says:

I am short:’) and..younger.. but I’m ugly:(( ….whtever COME TO GREECE WE

Star Bucks Baby says:

I agree with @TheNewForeign You are beautiful, everyone is in the own way

Rasa Rasote says:

2:44 Is not true because he’s favorite animal is a cat

Juman Alaa says:

Look !!”

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