Harry Styles- Funny Moments 2013

Harry Styles- Funny Moments 2013

SOME of harry’s funny moments of 2012. It was hard to find ones from early in the yer as it was so long ago sigh.



Emily Amaya says:

He said Big brown pooooooo!

Olivia horan says:

I love Harry

Vasiliki Styles says:

harry i love you <3

Rachel Styles says:

I love Harry Styles <3

Shaney Styles says:

If you guys can’t hear what Harry and Niall are singing on the “Gotta be
you” part, they are saying “Big baboon!” Haha.
I love Harry so much<3
I’m really jealous of the girl who is going to win Harry’s heart, marry
him, have children with him and grow old with him. I want him:(

Rachel Styles says:

I love Harry Styles

Nikoleta Spiliopoulou says:

happy birthday

Elizabeth Connell says:

Big brown poo!

kate bay says:

No he said big bamboo as in the Jamaican song

Laney Pocius says:

Harry’s so cute

Emi Arévalo says:

I don’t like Harry :S

Dharini Ganasen says:

Oh Harry !! ^.^

Valentina Madariaga Ramirez says:

2:39 Grrrr yeah yeah yeah XDD

Muzna Zainab says:

“2 more wisheeees!” so clever Harry xD
oh how much I love this boy <3

Andre Llave says:

GOTTA BE YOU is lmao x)

Hele Moreiras says:


nat alee says:

It’s scorer

Ligia F M Silva says:

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love you

Kaitlyn M says:

Harry either said-
Big brown poooo
Pee paw poo

Matilda Li says:

He is so sexy .

Olivia Peterson says:

When zayn pokes harrys dimple

augusta robinson says:

What was the music when Harry was doing that cookie challenge?!

Lori Artigue says:

Call me harry

Scotten Candy says:

Ahhhh were fine just wanna see if ur hot

ulo. Melanie Monserate says:

why is harry so sexy???????

sophie Dohl says:

Did you on purpose put that last part inslow motion because now I’m dead

Christiana Owens says:

6:17 why is niall just sitting there lol?!

Melissa Mongeau says:

6:57 harry say “TABARNAK” xD

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