Harry Styles- Funny Moments 2013

Harry Styles- Funny Moments 2013

SOME of harry’s funny moments of 2012. It was hard to find ones from early in the yer as it was so long ago sigh.

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Emily Amaya says:

He said Big brown pooooooo!

Olivia horan says:

I love Harry

Vasiliki Styles says:

harry i love you <3

Rachel Styles says:

I love Harry Styles <3

Shaney Styles says:

If you guys can’t hear what Harry and Niall are singing on the “Gotta be
you” part, they are saying “Big baboon!” Haha.
I love Harry so much<3
I'm really jealous of the girl who is going to win Harry's heart, marry
him, have children with him and grow old with him. I want him:(

Rachel Styles says:

I love Harry Styles

Nikoleta Spiliopoulou says:

happy birthday

Elizabeth Connell says:

Big brown poo!

kate bay says:

No he said big bamboo as in the Jamaican song

Laney Pocius says:

Harry’s so cute

Emi Arévalo says:

I don’t like Harry :S

Dharini Ganasen says:

Oh Harry !! ^.^

Valentina Madariaga Ramirez says:

2:39 Grrrr yeah yeah yeah XDD

Muzna Zainab says:

“2 more wisheeees!” so clever Harry xD
oh how much I love this boy <3

Andre Llave says:

GOTTA BE YOU is lmao x)

Hele Moreiras says:


nat alee says:

It’s scorer

Ligia F M Silva says:

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love you

Kaitlyn M says:

Harry either said-
Big brown poooo
Pee paw poo

Matilda Li says:

He is so sexy .

Olivia Peterson says:

When zayn pokes harrys dimple

augusta robinson says:

What was the music when Harry was doing that cookie challenge?!

Lori Artigue says:

Call me harry

Scotten Candy says:

Ahhhh were fine just wanna see if ur hot

ulo. Melanie Monserate says:

why is harry so sexy???????

sophie Dohl says:

Did you on purpose put that last part inslow motion because now I’m dead

Christiana Owens says:

6:17 why is niall just sitting there lol?!

Melissa Mongeau says:

6:57 harry say “TABARNAK” xD

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