Harry Styles — Hungry?? Eat My Meat

Harry Styles — Hungry?? Eat My Meat

Harry Styles would make a good Jewish mother … because the “One Direction” thinks everyone should be well fed — even us.

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OzzieLizze says:

Paps: “What kind of burger?”

Harry: ” A burger ”

This is why I love him!

demilyricsvideos says:

um what did i just watch?

Valen Tini says:

omg he’s the best, harry off course

VickiGru says:

I don’t know why I find so funny, but I can’t stop laughing… lol

Alejo Bulls says:

00:05 bitch thinks she’s important haha

ForevernAlways559 says:

Lol I woulda put it up on eBay lol 

iFinem ★ says:

get a life bro

But Black Dynamite I sell drugs to the Community! says:

Kanye should adopt this method if he wants the papz to leave him alone/ 

baby Ice says:

bahahahha sooo random..
that te camera guy ate it… and that harry gave it…hahha

superstar9214 says:


Arashi Mae says:

OMG Harry styles is so generous ♥♥≧﹏≦

devious141 says:

kanye should do this, the kid was kinda rude, but offered something, and
was polite by saying have a good one…kanye just don’t talk, and if
they’re still following you say “alright, have a good one”…simple

conilla77 says:

Oh my god he was eating it in the streets and still asking him the question
round of applause for that camera man

Nick Corjay says:

The best part about this is he’s basically using the sandwich as a way to
tell him to get the hell out.

Steph RA says:

i love how he said “uhmm, like a burger!” sjhdhajASgh

Elana92 says:

Harry Styles killing them with kindness

Alexis Pantoja says:

He says a burger and closes the door lmao 

Mariel Mesa says:

For that reason, I love u. Harry

Siva Aisya says:

i loveee him !

MrsNotknowitall says:


caroline rocha says:

he’s so cute omg

Charry Custodio says:

People need their space bro. At least Harry wasn’t rude about it,he even
offered you a burger. I love you Harry.

prodwifey babz says:

that’s why I love harry like that was so nice of him to give away his
burger he is one of the most nicest celebs Ive seen

shona bennett says:

Hi demi nice to see you ,girl

paulinasvids says:


Ray Weir says:

I love Harry Styles,he has manners he says have a good one before he wanted
to shut the door duh!! the camera has to be annoying its his job.

Victoria Hiromi says:

he’s the sweetest omg it may have just been a diversion to get the pap to
go away but he offered the guy a burger instead of chucking something at
him or yelling he’s so nice

Isabelle62246 says:

lmao idk about you but i find this really funny haha 

Żona Hazzy says:

aww Hazza..you’re sweet <3

emilia manzanares says:

i’m so hungry right now

Shazza C says:

Aw that was nice of Harry. I’d frame it ^-^ 

Kadidiatou KONATE says:

The way the girl walk –‘ BITCH.

TruBeauty15 says:

lol harry is so weird.

Karen Arucan says:

harry said you’re welcome omfg i love this guy

Marwa Mohammed ALI says:

Awww Harry is nice <3 I'm in the right fandom and so sorry for those ppl
who are not <3 

scarlet wizard says:

some people may say whatever they want about one direction but they are
true gentlemen!!!!! unlike that little shit bieber…

Nicole Saavedra says:

haha Harry dear you’re so good

Nahir vega says:

Who is the girl?

SwAgYoLoMoNsTeR says:

lol he seems nice :p

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