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Angelica Osorio says:

that was funny

JacoMaco says:

So you’re cumming in your pants over some douchebag “celebrity” retweeted
you?!?! SO FUCKING WHAT! Someone I really like on YouTube (VlogRays)
retweeted a picture I posted on twitter and I wasn’t shitting myself like
you are.

adkgirlsince01 says:

I feel so bad seeing how all this is happening, he’s so sweet and innocent
and everyone’s bashing on him and Harry and all of them unfollowed him 🙁
everyone should calm down about it. Stay strong Tyler ❤️

Nayeli Figueroa says:


DistantStarfall says:

Tyler was blushing so freaking hard xD
“He called me mate, so… I think that means he wants the D…”


Mal Ditta says:

You ruined everything Tyler.Harry and Niall unfollowed you.lol

Sammy Nicole says:

In that moment i swear we were all Tyler Oakley

Valeria Lizarde says:

Love ya ✌✌

Hannah Lang says:

This is crazy ;)

Chloe Anne says:

+JacoMaco when someone says something happy dont just got skrew it up i
mean ig you didnt care why did u watch it 

Beth Kotton says:

he calle dme mate which i think means he wants the dick lmao

MissDolphinLover16 says:

Crazy -_0

thehorseloverful says:


Kaitlyn Mullin says:

hear all: harry louis & niall never followed Tyler so stop saying they
unfollowed him. only Liam & zayn followed him & I’m pretty sure they still
do follow him. 🙂 

Beatrice Bianchi says:

you act as you’ve just won an oscar or something lol

grelle sutcliff says:

Stop hating. 

emre berçem says:


Baguedou says:

Harry Niall and Louis never followed him, check your facts

Phili says:

Harry and Niall were never following Tyler, there was no unfollowing, Jesus
Christ. Tyler stood up for the LGBTQ community, and he does not deserve any
of your shit. Honestly, if you think Harry Styles would desert somebody for
standing up for LGBTQ rights, you’ve got another thing coming.

Amy Martinez says:

gosh. you’re so adorable ffs

Shannon M. says:

Ily Tyler ❤️❤️don’t listen to the haters 

TheAnimalHouse314 says:

good additude, hatters don’t be hatten on tyler he got one retweet its ok
don’t get ur panties in a twist lol

ItsyBitsyIrishGirl says:

Still one of my favourite videos on the internet. 

Bela Santa Cruz says:

Tyler’s laugh at the end

Hannah oned says:

omg lol

Cheyenne Osgood says:


Simmy C says:

Guys. I’m really confused about this hole thing and I’m really sorry to
bring it up again and ik I’m properly making Tyler feel bad bringing it up
and if I do upset any of you bring this up agin I’ll delete this comment.
I’m just wondering what happened between Tyler and the 1D boys? Ahhhh so
much drama! Thanks! x

fallininreversetoptv says:

“and its just a tweet! Like who the fuck cares?” lololololol his laugh is

olivia garcia says:

can everybody just get over it, tyler back on the internet and then one
direction have tyler invited for dinner to sort things out and peace is
restored and they all follow tyler on twitter 

Daniela Rivera says:

If Tyler had only known back then that he would get unfollowed by harry 

Paige Richards says:

It’s crazy that this happened to you! I’m sorry that all these bad comments
followed this little happiness for you

bri fields says:

I love you Tyler but harry is mine

arianna gonzalez says:

Yeah and then liam himself kicked you out of the fandom

Shanzy Ottley says:

He has just represented the ENTIRE fandom

Breanne McNeill says:

XD lol

Joanne Chen says:

Omg omg omg omg omg omg

COD KID says:

#tarry #stoakley 

ThatGuyCrafter says:

OMG Tarry FTW 

charlie Rogers says:

Lmao I love you

Riya Misal says:


Vicky Pan says:

U don’t know how many times I repeated this 

Angelina HI says:

He doesn’t. He’s not gay

ANIM3Z says:

Tarry Stoakly!!!!

Mirelly Souza says:

”and harry fucking styles”

Rebekah Schulz says:

Your laugh is soooo kool!!!

Maddy Jade says:

“Harry called me ‘mate’ and I think that means ‘wants the dick'”Oh,

Logan MacDonald says:

I was thinking, “All this over a tweet?” And then he mentioned it. Crazy, I
know. But maybe it’s because I don’t understand twitter

Felix. Duchnowska says:

i freaking love this vid XD

Shayla Davies says:


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