Harry styles – why he is one of the most genuine persons (The real harry styles)

Harry styles – why he is one of the most genuine persons (The real harry styles)

The reason why i love harry styles so much. The most humble, grounded, genuine and amazing person. This is the real harry and not the media version of him. t…

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Alexandria Ellington says:
Lizzie M says:

this is amazing, great job! harry is such an amazing and genuine person,
people really need to look past the rumors and see the real him<3

Sidney Lautner says:

is it possible that i love him even more now???

akilah zackery says:

please don’t call it stupid or a fantasy or just another teenage dream but
this made me remember why I’m in love with him…

grace lawrence says:

I really appreciate d person who made this coz it’s just frustrating how
haters do not no any thing bout him nd just simply hate him for no reason .
Firstly hav a look at how innocent nd cute he is nd then how much he
respects EVERYONE it’s really hard to respect everyone wen some of them
just give u hate for no reason . Nd harry my babe u’ve got dat blessing
from god . All my wishes r wid u love

ariyannah anderson says:

He’s such a great person, I admire him for staying down to earth the whole
3 years and hopefully forever

Jewel Thomas says:

I love you even more now Harry….

Janelle Ramsey says:

I love you harry!!…and I
Love him even more that I know he is really a nice guy and you can talk to
him as if he was your friend for a long time….but sadly that wont ever
happen to me:”(…I love you harry! !!:)♥♥♡♡

angiee cherubb says:

i just dont understand how people who are FAMOUS can be accused of being a
jerk or terrible person who only cares about themselves. how is that fair! 

Stephanelle Steeve says:

I hope he marries the best person ever he deserve to have a happy life alot
kf people do. The media only focuses on the negative side of him nd his
frikin love life which is irrelevant. He has such a kind hear HECK they l
do but no society..stupid frikin society only want to recognise people who
do thing that are pointless in thier lives for peoples intertainment its so
frustrating. There are SOOOOO many good people in the world instead of
keeping and eye out for the mistakes people make why not focus on the good
beautiful people they are.

peyton long says:

it is really good to know that there are amazing people like harry styles
in this world I usually never cry over vidoes but the fact that harry is
such a nice person warmed my heart and i cried

Gabby Ramirez says:


Elizabeth Cabrera says:

ed was right they only write the bad stuff about him well not just him
other famous pepole

Haley Heeks says:

He’s so sweet people don’t get the reason that I love him

amani scott says:


Cynthia Parrish says:

this made me cry a bit idk why it just did . Gosh i love the boys there
everything .

Emma Doyl says:

I love the video! You did a great job, I think you’re talented :)

laura blank says:

i almost cried during this 

Fanisyah Rizki Farikha Jaya Putri says:

I just love Harry so much , wish many people will watch video . This is
such a great video :)

fina rajao says:

i’m just really happy that celebrety that do good stuff not only for
publicity do exist… Too bad he does’nt even know i exist

ch3ll0z says:

Fantastic video. I just watched it two times in a row. Great job.

vanessa says:


Maggie Connolly says:

I love Harry so much! This is so sad! Everybody needs to stop talking
negative about him. He is so genuine! He has the best personality! I will
always be your biggest fan, and Directioner! 

Lenin Deverů says:

This is amazing video! I have tears in eyes. He is such beautiful person.

Karolína Lauferová says:

and thats main reason why i love him because he is so nice,polite and kind
person!which celebrity would shake hands with all tht people? hes so

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