Harvey Fierstein wants you to know he’s not Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Fierstein wants you to know he’s not Harvey Weinstein

Let’s be clear: Harvey Fierstein is not the disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

To make sure that’s final, Fierstein, the Tony Award-winning actor, took to Twitter to create some space.

“Harvey Weinstein is rumored to be in trouble & I am somehow getting flak as well,” he tweeted after the New York Times revealed its bombshell story about Weinstein’s alleged predatory sexual behavior.

Weinstein was subsequently fired from the company which bears his name — and multiple accusers have come forward to report instances of alleged sexual harassment and assault.

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Not Released (NR)

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Conversely, the humorous Fierstein is known for his roles in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Hairspray” and “Independence Day,” among others. So, just one clarification was not enough.

His other reminders to Twitter users included the message: “I’m a good gay! I mean, a good guy. – Guys, We’re Mad At Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN!”

On Wednesday, the actor again tweeted, “Thx 2 Weinstein’s horrible behavior I’ve been dubbed #theGoodHarvey on the internet. I appreciate the distinction bt cn’t I b #TheFabHarvey?”

Just a minute later, the 63-year-old actor added, “#IAintWeinstein!”

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Weinstein, 65, is now being investigated by the NYPD and London police over sexual assault allegations made against him.

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