Harvey Weinstein lawyers up ahead of ‘bombshell’ articles

Harvey Weinstein lawyers up ahead of ‘bombshell’ articles

Harvey Weinstein has hired a pair of high-priced lawyers in anticipation of two “bombshell” articles.

The 65-year-old producer has hired Lisa Bloom, who specializes in celebrity sexual harassment cases, and Charles Harder, who represented Hulk Hogan in his lawsuit against Gawker, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

While it’s unclear the material of the articles, Variety reported that they will detail “sexual allegations and improper workplace behavior,” including on-the-record accounts from women.

Reporters have been calling current and former employees as far back as 20 years ago, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Weinstein, a Flushing native, co-founded Miramax and serves as co-chairman of The Weinstein Company with his brother Bob.

He won an Academy Award in 1999 for “Shakespeare in Love” and was nominated in 2003 for “Gangs of New York.”

He also won two Tony Awards, for “La Cage aux Folles” and “The Producers,” and was nominated for six others.

The Weinstein Company has produced Oscar-winning movies including “The Artist” and “The King’s Speech.”

Harvey and Quentin planning out 2017

“The story sounds so good, I want to buy the movie rights,” Weinstein said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ronan Farrow has reportedly been working on the New Yorker article for more than a year, while Jodi Kantor and Meghan Twohey, who previously covered issues with Weinstein’s will have bylines at The New York Times.

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