How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/5/17: Season 4 Episode 2 “I’m Not Her”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/5/17: Season 4 Episode 2 “I’m Not Her”

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  October 5, 2017, Premiere episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 4 episode 2 “I’m Not Her” as per the ABC synopsis, “Annalise (Viola Davis) reconnects with a client from her past, but her personal life remains a struggle. Meanwhile, the Keating 4 find it difficult to move beyond their tarnished reputations; and in a flash-forward, details concerning a tragic crime begin to unfold.”

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Dr. Isaac Roa (Jimmy Smits), Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) court appointed counsellor is on the phone when Annalise shows up for her session. It’s 9:01 AM and she says she is tired; hotel living is fine admitting she hasn’t had a drink, offering him to test her. She took on her first case last week, it’s soon but the client needed her; one of her former cell mates, Jasmine. Annalise is taking the case for free, smiling when she signs the change of counsel papers.

Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) continues to investigate her father, Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales) but is interrupted by a text from Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) who reminds her to take a shower. She also had an opportunity to look up information about a spyware lawsuit. Meanwhile, Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) grills boyfriend, Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) with questions for his interview; he tells Connor to take things seriously because he needs this job.

Connor arrives at the Middleton Law Fair, where Michaela chastises Laurel for the way she is dressed. Laurel says she is barely showing but Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) says her boobs are; not that he is looking. Laurel and Michaela are in competition as Laurel informs them she has her eye on Caplan and Gold Law Firm; a fellow student says the only reason the Keating Four are at the fair is because everyone wants to gossip about Annalise; Michaela admits that will be the first question for all of them.

At court, Annalise argues for a motion to suppress but Judge Sabarski (Michael Bofshever) denies it as Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) arrives in court; her extension is denied too. Annalise brushes Bonnie off but is shocked to learn she is working for ADA Todd Denver (Benito Martinez).
9:156AM – Annalise continues to tell Dr. Roa about her new client; but he walks away she asks if she is boring him but he gives her paperwork to fill out any of the traumatic events in her life that could have left to the substance abuse. He says she wasted 17 minutes talking about her case to avoid talking about herself. He cuts her off, asking if her last therapist did everything according to the guidelines. As she reads the questions, she flashes back to talking to the prosecutor about her client, he tells her to watch the body cam footage before she decides on the plea.

Bonnie meets with Nate Lahey (Billy Brown), telling him about the trespassing case and that they go to trial the following week. He isn’t happy she is working there and refuses to help her, asking her if she thinks her and Annalise are fooling anyone with all of this; she denied working with Annalise and offers to do the case herself.

Michaela is interviewed by Caplan and Gold, who are concerned about her academic performance and ask her to explain. Connor talks to another law firm, who ask him if his response was scripted, the interview is failing miserably. Laurel also struggles as she is asked if she can dedicate herself 100% to this work, with no outside distractions; she covers her belly with her jacket, telling them she definitely can. Asher tries to sell that he is humble to a fault. During Connor’s interview, they tell him he isn’t getting the job but just tell them what they really want to know, it seems it’s all anyone wants to know.

Annalise watches the body cam video, slams the laptop and tells Jasmine she needs to tell her all of these things before she is blindsided in court. Jasmine feels Annalise is just trying to help herself and if she really wanted to save her soul, she should have saved her at 13 when her dad sold her to the dealer for a few bags of “smack.” She calls for the guard, wanting to get the hell out of there, disappointed in Annalise.
9:24AM Dr. Roa reviews the papers, wanting to know why this client and why this is her first case coming back. Annalise says the only reason is because Jasmine helped her in jail and kept her from getting beaten. Roa doesn’t believe her, tells her to quit deflecting and help herself get better. He tells her to either talk or get out!

Annalise is given the run around, when Nate approaches and tells the clerk that he is sure Annalise has had a harder time that she has ever had and suggests she gives her a break. Annalise thanks him for the save but he tells her not to, as he I s sure her “mole” Bonnie already told her that he wants nothing to do with whatever this is; he has been promoted and his life is finally coming together and asks her to stay away. Annalise shares that she is shocked Bonnie is working for the DA’s officer. Nate promises to find out if she is lying.

The Keating 4 sit together where Connor surprises everyone when he says maybe he doesn’t want to be a lawyer any more. Oliver tells him to quite pouting because they aren’t dead or in jail, this is a second chance and maybe it’s time they do something meaningful. He announces that he is starting his own IT company and jokes that he expects them all to put in a good word for him in those fancy law firms they will work at.

Their phone suddenly go off, Michaela gets 5 call backs, Asher gets 3, Connor doesn’t get any and Laurel says he isn’t the only loser; Laurel gives Michaela her file on the one law firm to help her get one foot in the door.

Annalise goes through Jasmine’s files, going back all the way to 18 when she arrested for prostitution. Jazi says she was way under the age of 18, Annalise smiles saying the minor file was sealed and that is how they are going to get her out of jail.
9:32 AM Annalise suggests Dr. Roa should google her because she is quite interesting. He says he only knows about her from what the board has sent him. She says he only makes her feel more screwed up than she already is.

Annalise asks the DA to open Jazi’s sealed records, he says she can ask the judge to unseal them as he isn’t going to do her job for her. Bonnie witnesses the exchange, she walks away when Annalise turns to her, follows her into her office and tells Bonnie she could help this woman, who has been forced into prostitution at 13; Bonnie tells her to settle and slams the door in her face.

At Caplan and Gold, bot Michaela and Asher arrive, they walk into the room and Michaela says it smells like money; he suggests drinking is not a good idea. She tricks Asher, saying his fly is open as she takes off to mingle without him. Connor is brushed off when the woman tells him she has 8 qualified candidates already; he leaves as she calls out Laurel’s name, which surprised Connor who thought Laurel didn’t get any call backs like him. Laurel is at home, busy investigating the mysterious death of an Antares employee.

Bonnie calls Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), wondering why he wasn’t home to cook dinner for her. He says he has to study and asks her about her job, curious to hear about her encounter with Annalise. Bonnie is pretty drunk, who says she will drink herself stupid until she no longer sees Annalise’s face.

Michaela is busy finding her place in the firm when she notices Asher and Simon getting into it. She walks over but not before Asher smashes his drink when he talks about Asher’s father’s mental health issues. She sends him off to the bathroom and threatens Simon that if he ever does that to Asher again, she will cut off his balls and feed them to him, saying she has done far worse than that.
Annalise is looking over her files when Frank knocks at her door; he has the sealed file for Jasmine’s case. She wants the file but he shoves the door open, saying he will always be there, whether she wants him to be or not and he will always take care of her.

Laurel wakes up to Connor knocking at her door, he brings the mail from her old place. She is staying at Wes’ old place and he wants to know why she is lying about not getting a call back. She says she just doesn’t care about poor people or being a lawyer; she advises him to say what he needs to say.

She tells him not to speak Wes’ name. He says he is there for her if she needs him, she wants him to leave but he has something to say. He was there, saw Wes dead, and she could have died too. He feels guilty for lying and hates himself; she says that doesn’t make her feel any better. She tells him there is nothing him nor anyone could do to make things any better; but it’s not his fault so he needs to stop hating himself. She says he owes her, and has to do what she says.

9:41AM, Annalise says she isn’t hiding or avoiding, when he says that Jasmine is her! In court, Annalise she brings up the youth records as Roa pushes Annalise about the abuse as a child. She says he is sick and asks if he took this job to live out his sick fantasies? Annalise is angry in court and demands to know how a 13 year old could agree to sleep with grown men for money.

She brings up if Jasmine was a white girl, she would have been brought to a safe place to eat, sleep, and maybe given the opportunity to go to school, but because she was black she was treated like a criminal by the officers and prosecutor, whose duty it was to protect her and safe her from the hell that was her childhood.
Roa apologizes, if he is wrong admitting he doesn’t know everything about her but it is his job to point out the connection she might not be able to see herself. The DA attempts to stop Annalise from ranting to the court as in counselling she says she is nothing like Jasmine; she had a mother who loved her and teachers who told her she was smart and she believed them. She says black lives matters and Jasmine matters. In counselling she keeps saying she isn’t Jasmine.

Annalise demands that the court not only vacate her current charges but all her prior convictions, it’s the only way she will be shown the basic human decency she didn’t have her whole life.

Jasmine and Annalise wait for the outcome of the case. Jasmine says it’s okay if she serves the time because she can say she was defended but the female Johnny Cochrane. Judge Sabarski tells Annalise she ignored the case at hand and tried a case of her own invention, ignoring that in this country all men and women need to be accountable for their own actions. He also says how are people expecting others to do so when they have hobbled them even before their life has begun.

He addresses Jasmine, saying the law was in the wrong when it treated her like a criminal instead of a victim; the best he can do is seal her prior convictions and as long as she stays out of the courtroom, she will be eligible for assistance and jobs without disclosing her criminal history. This is the most of a fresh start the law will allow, one she should have been given in 1968. She begins to cry.
Annalise tells Dr. Roa she wanted to tell him about the case because it was her first one since she got back and she won it, making her feel good; that is all. He congratulates her but she wasn’t looking for that. She says there is no such thing as a fresh start for Jasmine as she is a career prostitute and bets that the second she is out of her counselling there will be a message saying she is back on drugs and to come rescue her from jail. He disagrees, telling her she is allowed to feel hope in these situations; she feels people don’t change but he says he did. She says she wished he didn’t tell her that. Nate comes to see Bonnie and gives her the information she wanted earlier. He reveals he knows that she blackmailed Denver for the job, he says they should start Annalise Anonymous.

At the bar, Simon is bragging that he got the Caplan and Gold job. Asher and Connor are trying not to dwell on that, as Asher reveals Michaela also got 3 offers, as she is a bad ass dating a loser who let a butt sniffer get under his skin. Laurel is happy Michaela took the Caplan and Gold offer because they are the firm that represent her father; she confesses that she can’t take a job there because her father killed Wes and she is going to help Laurel take him down.

Annalise tells Roa, that her therapist couldn’t get her to open up so he opened up to her; started sharing everything with her, it felt so nice but then he became her husband.

2 ½ months later, Dr. Roa is at the hospital with Frank, they come to see Laurel who is freaking out, crying out for her baby, wanting to know where her baby is. Roa leaves the room and calls Annalise, demanding to know where she is saying “she is awake!” yelling for her to answer the damn phone.

Bonnie goes to the hotel room, Annalise is renting, it is surrounded by police officers; she walks towards the elevator and finds blood all over the floor and bloody handprints on the walls.


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