Iggy Azalea reportedly owes $300G in credit card debt

Iggy Azalea reportedly owes $300G in credit card debt

Iggy Azalea may want to try being a little less “Fancy.”

The “Black Widow” rapper reportedly owes almost $300,000 in unpaid credit card bills — and American Express is coming to collect.

Azalea, 27, owes $299,147.81, almost $250,000 more than her card’s limit, according to E! News.

AmEx wants back the full total plus legal fees, according to TMZ.

The Australian native’s new album, “Digital Distortion,” still doesn’t have a release date and she recently said on Twitter that she won’t be releasing any more singles from it.

In 2016, Azalea was hit with a $400,000 tax lien from the IRS for allegedly failing to pay taxes in 2014, when she released her debut album “The New Classic.”

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