J. K. Rowling – A Year In The Life (TV, 2007)

J. K. Rowling – A Year In The Life (TV, 2007)

J. K. Rowling – A Year In The Life (TV, 2007) – It was on air originally on iTV. This is the “uncut”, original version. On th DVD version the “Lilly Allen so…

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ktdesignbox says:

I remember the day when my copy of Deathly Hallows arrived. Seeing what was
happening in other parts of the world at the same time I was reading it was
simply magical. I also cried when J.K. Rowling did in the documentary.

frenchaccount1 says:

“In some ways, the whole Harry Potter series is one giant attempt to
reclaim a childhood.” You did it Jo. Not only for yourself, but for all of
us. You made growing up an adventure!

imscarlet says:

I shed quite a lot of tears while watching this. I want to be a writer as
well. Thank you for uploading this.

Kris Pistole says:

The narrator sounds like Moss from The I.T. Crowd 

Sevak Kirakosyan says:

her story is so inspiring. I’ve watched this documentary months ago
(probably last year), but even now it still gives me goosebumps (the moment
when she visits her old house)… LOVE YOU Jo.

And thanks for uploading this documentary to youtube, szarka86

René Pastír says:

why am i watching this every week ?

Noel Luna says:

I dont want to be one of those annoying people, but i am an aspiring author
who wants to get my channel up and running. So check my channel out and
subscribe, thank you

benbitch69 says:

her look at 11:42…so sad

skuzzlebutt13 says:

i wonder what the name is that she stole out of the book in the church for
harry potter?

saizymilla says:

Ford ulema

Sharon Albanese says:

Love you Jo. What an amazing , inspiring, talented woman you are.

bkrage85 says:

Words cannot describe how much I adore this woman. 

anastasiagirl1342 says:

What happened to her Father?

EMCFitch says:

Lol, she was depressed, so she created mean things called “dementors”.
Brilliant. The voice of a generation. 

Karmaffix says:

Ahh, yeah.. she is a brilliantly crafted women. 

Leeanna Xavier says:

Inspiring! Hmm that’s interesting, you’re also a LEO 

Saizy Milla says:

At anyone is wondering, the name she stole from the book was Gilderoy. You
can see it in another video of her?..

Hailey Clark says:

so what name did she steal for harry potter?

Lord Voldemort says:

Screw her she killed me

drsteinke1 says:

She is amazing and brilliant. I really love her. Thank you Jo.

Alex Shala says:

I did NOT expect to get emotional about this. This is my second video I’ve
seen about her. I had now idea how much of an amazing person she really is.

mng8ng says:

Just seeing the Harry Potter books in the old flat of JK Rowling where she
once lived is incredible.

Luna Potter says:

where i really want to see it lol

PhantomsAngel07 says:

JK Rowling to a little boy: “You know what, Hugo? I think you’ll find
there’s also a character named Hugo somewhere in this book.” That got tears
in my eyes. That little boy was probably speechless when he read the book
all the way through.

Laura Buchanan says:

she should’ve signed all the copies in her old flat and left them on the
bed as a surprise for the people to come back to!


do you mean the name she “stole”? I once read it was Lockhart.

matthew Deehan says:

what character do you think she stole from that book

GigawingsVideo says:

I can’t help but notice a venomous tone everytime she talk about her
father. She really hate her father huh?

RubyAngel3000 says:

“I always saw Dumbledore as gay”… Hahahaha gotta love her!

StoneJustStone says:

Noooo, what was the name in the book?

Camille Cruz says:

How would you like to be remembered? “As someone who did the best she
could, with the talent she had” If only everyone lived with the same mind
set as this brilliant woman, I want this written on my tombstone.

MrGamerGuy951 says:

J.K. Rowling, J. R. Tolkien and G. R. R. Martin are my absolute favourite
authors, period.

leannsadventure says:

I’m so inspired by her <3

viddyton bp says:

shes kinda attractive…. argh too private

Megan Malpas says:

That last part just about broke me

Ken YXM Liu says:

44:00 I can’t bear her talking and crying like this, she is so true and she
herself is legend apart from HP books she wrote.

mailys012 says:

ho yes, sorry thx!

BuggaBoo102 says:

I’m not sure what part you are exactly referring to but you can turn the
captions on and you’ll be able to see

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