J.K. Rowling & David Heyman Acceptance Speech

J.K. Rowling & David Heyman Acceptance Speech


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yleineping says:


yleineping says:

who is the peron on 09.36?

Lilli Potter says:

i dont like david yates -.- he destroyed the harry potter films. Harry
Potter 1-4 was awesome but then when david yates started to be the director
for HP 5 it wasnt the same anymore

Lilli Potter says:

Love Harry Potter <3

FrancescaH2204 says:

I love how rapidly they go over Robert Pattinson 🙂

journalcrazy07 says:

I remember when i saw the first trailer of harry potter, I screamed really
loud and my dad came running into my room and asked “what’s wrong” I
couldn’t believe what i was seeing and I just said “Harry potter is going
to be in theaters” “That’s what you screamed for” and he walked out and i
was still screaming. That is one of many memories I’ll carry with me.
Thanks J.K rowling

aharrypotterfan says:

@karik333 That’s difficult you know.I mean which Harry Potter fan will stop
being loyal to it.No one.It will never end!

gretchen23olfat says:

Twilight’s gay.

ajmrowland says:

@SurlyComet No offense, but you should’ve looked about 6 posts below yours.
oh there i go again!

WITreasure says:

Rupert accidentally stepped on Emma’s skirt at 5:46 😀 hahahaa. HARRY

viletones says:

And believe me, it is a shhhhhh-ed load. God, I love him.

Lilydarkness says:


triwizchamp07 says:


potter2012 says:

I cryed!!!! Thank you J.K. ROWLING!!!

seabury says:

I’ve watched this a great number of times…I have to say that Mark
Williams’ comment sums it up quite nicely!! The stone floor thing – that’s
kind of what it’s really about.

Ginny22 says:

ROTFLMAO! “Take that Twilight!” NICE! 😉

moonshoespotter27 says:

That background music is freakin tight!

Julija- chan says:

Their emotional speeches really make this look as these books and films are
something amazing and they really are…. Btw, Emma really looks gorgerous
in that dress.

LauraJonesTV says:

i fell weirdly nostalgic!

katakatakara says:

@TheVintageFiend Absolutely. She revived a whole genre by herself. She is

Santoslives says:

Sad the Potter Franchise was the highlight of my youth and now it is also
the end.

Suport7000 says:

@sharpe007 I agree with you, with a long beard and makeup to be old he
would be a great choice as Dumbledore, i also could have preferred Ian
McKellen as Dumbledore.

Ian Atkinson says:

@sims89 You obviously do not appreciate my help. And you know the people
that saw my link to the video before you deleted it on mugglenet didn’t
seem to mind that it was sideways. I have every right to get “mad” at you
(though I wouldn’t say I was) when you didn’t even feel the need to inform
one of your now ex-fans that you weren’t going to post their video because
you had a better quality one being uploaded. Also, you didn’t need to
delete the comment with my link in, did you? No.

vadhelski24 says:

They deserve this… I love how Harry make the world a better place to
grow-up ….

Nico Wallmann says:

Take that Twilight! 😀

Joncwt says:

It is so moving Can’t believe it Rowling is such a role model

JediPug1 says:

Well, I love BOTH Harry Potter AND Twilight. People can have more than one
fandom, and liking one in no way negates the other. So, all of you with the
stupid comments can stuff it. :p Congratulations Harry Potter! :o)

TheXan says:

How come people are comparing JK to Meyer? Meyer is good and probably one
of the most successful authors in history but she doesn’t even come close
to what JK has achieved. Not in book sales, not even in Box office. Not to
mention many kinds of merchandise Potter sells. And as the first
Billionaire author in history, I rather think there’s really no comparison.

remmahsroht says:

BeauxBâtons rules !

TheXan says:

Who knows in time she might match JK’s success but for now, she hasn’t and
she isn’t likely to based on average sales per book. So I don’t really see
the point of arguing.

Andrew19ao says:

such amazing people! Regardless of things I wish they didn’t do and things
I wish they did do, I thank everyone who made these films.

GlamorousPanther says:

omg this almost made me cry…

Leeza Dennis says:

Stephenie Meyer made two accounts just to dislike this.

rollinby says:

am i the only one that cried? its like a whole age of my life just

HalfxBloodxSkull says:

Im happy to say that I have memerised this whole speech now.

boredprincess08 says:

oh Stephen Fry was so perfect for this intro. <3 *LOVE FOR THIS

Kimmie K says:

Goosebumps and tears. They did surely deserve this. Btw, does anybody know
the song playing when they showed clips from the movies?

xWithEyesLikeSunsets says:

“The Great Hall has real stone floors. And that’s REALLY important for
actors, it’s like “YES! I’M REALLY HERE!” hahahaha i love this franchise,
everything about it, all the people. Stephen Fry, genious. Jim Dale too,
and of course the incomparably books. and the movies did a great job too
why do all good things come to an end?

aaronjohnsonfan says:

i cannot fathom why anyone would dislike this. if you didn’t literally cry
a river because of this, you must be made of stone

JasmineWeasley707 says:

Jo Rowling taught me that reading is fun.With her brilliance she triggered
my imagination and has encouraged me to create stories myself.The movies
brought Jo’s brilliance to life,the amazing cast and crew has helped to
create something so wonderful it can not be described with words.For ten
years Harry Potter has been a part of my life and it will never stop. Harry
Potter is something that will forever stay in our hearts and minds. Harry
Potter will never end! “Thank you” isn’t quite enough!

nobodyimportantish says:

Also this makes me proud to be British 🙂

MissMiffed says:

05:50 Rupert’s face is too cute 🙂

Anna DeMac says:

“Take that Twilight!” Hahahaha!

Loomis15 says:

Oh Lord this gives me chills! I love J.K. Rowling and Stephen Fry is
adorable. Oh God I’m going to cry…

LongLiveLovato says:

I’m proud to be a part of the Harry Potter generation <3

k4386 says:

LOL, The movies are better than the…BRILLIANTLY READ AUDIO BOOKS XD

Bn Inspiration says:

2 people weren’t touched by this video.

Alejandra Angel says:

Tears of happiness. Oh boy! :’) I am SO happy to be part of such an amazing

Manuel Araújo says:

Jo is so humble, funny and talented, David has great vision… all the
actors are perfect for their roles… how I wish I could thank them
personally for their contribution to my life! I would even settle for a
chance to scream at them across a street! LOVE THEM ALL!!! <3 HP FOR
LIFE!!! <3

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