J.K. Rowling Personal Life Interview

J.K. Rowling Personal Life Interview

This is an interview of J.K. Rowling and her personal life`

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Asim Ghaffar says:

She is a milf

Asim Ghaffar says:

She is a milf

MissIneedAttention says:

What is da song that was playing in the background at 6:26 ?

Danny Osmund says:

Absolutely love this lady. Beautiful,benevolent and super intelligent.

Jems17 says:

@Glong09 Isn’t it amazing how the enlightened few exist only on Youtube. -_-

Lumophage says:

Wonderful woman, you can tell she’s still very real and unaffected (as much
as you can be) by the fame

Austintatiousness11 says:

I love J.K.| Rowling!!!.

DeathlyDavid says:

There’s always Pottermore in October!

envyfma352 says:

J.k Rowling you are my Hero ^^

gracenote13 says:

its jo, not joe

doggygenesis says:

I love you JK Rowlings.

Alma Maldonado says:

@raybanfandom I hope you start reading Harry Potter. 🙂

rodangib says:

That Neil is one lucky MoFo

PumpkinMozie says:

some of the most incredible moments of my life were spent within the realm
of Harry Potter. Such a beautiful world she’s created…I wouldn’t have it
any other way. 🙂

Natalia Digiosia says:

I couldn’t imagine the pain of ending the series. It’s bad enough for me to
finish reading the last book.

unikornline says:

THIS WOMAN IS MY LIFE and i am not ashamed

Petra Fox says:

Can anyone tell me where i find the song which is played at the very
beginning of this video? How is it called and from which part is it?

Cath M says:

@Glong09 i do not think that was her idea when she was writing this series.
Chill it makes people happy

girlwithcurls001 says:

Thank you, JK Rowling, for my childhood <3

JudithHeatherNico says:

@bigmicshistey lol,true,my friend is like that

Julily Isbored says:

she somehow always reminds me of lady di, maybe it’s her big sad eyes

treecko29 says:

@blooberflat22 You must be joking?

TheAgent0004 says:

@blooberflat22 lol???? that a joke..she is that woman

Oliver S says:

if it weren’t for you J.K my life wouldn’t be what it is today the harry
book’s has had a so massive influence on my life that they are now like a
part of my life! every day when i go to sleep i read one of your books

Wendilynn Kerezman says:

don’t blame Americans because some publisher made a silly decision that
nobody could learn what a philosopher stone was.

Vi Nguyen says:

I grew up with the potter series, now that the last of the movies are done
and over with, it saddens me in a tremendous way. THIS was a classic, is a
classic, and will always be.

newr97y57 says:

She is an amazing women to all kids wen we were younger n she truley change
them n i think we we r older we will be telling storys about dis wonderful
amazing lady who created a book dat no1 ever thought into a muitmillon
dollor movies!! i’ll be naming my daughter after JK!!!!

Michael Beasley says:

yeah right, stupid muggle.

doodlegirll says:

@earnamint Seems like there are THOUSANDS of people just like you
screaming, “THIEF,” the point being, no one is listening, sweetheart, and
no one really cares. Because everyone knows you’re only looking for
attention. And I hate to tell you, no one would believe you, even if you
had compelling evidence.

Beza Simone says:

@Spyke360 Americans always want to be different -.-

breadandbutterr says:

@Glong09 Why would you ever say that? It’s called “fiction” for a reason.
And these movies give kids pure joy and happiness from watching them. Harry
Potter has been part of my childhood for years now. If you haven’t seen the
movies, I suggest you do. Because the main theme of her whole series is
love and friendship, not violence. She never promotes violence. And also,
there are much worse influences out there. Go troll on Grand Theft Auto or
Call of Duty if you’re so worried about influences.

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