J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

J.K.Rowling at Harvard Commencement. Read more at http://goo.gl/ZpPS2.

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John Kellden says:

*Patterns: Storytelling*

*”Through telling your own unique story you will grow in virtue.”*
— +John Kellden

*”Through listening to others sharing their own unique story, you will
rediscover your own path..”*
— +John Kellden

#teahousesequence *Success:*
*failure, imagination*

The whole speech is well worth listening to, even if you don’t want to
become a gay wizard. Video ht +Dibyendu De 

Sreek Menon says:

The importance of failure and imagination.

Aamira Shabnam says:

Watched it again today. always inspires me when I’m feeling low.

Richard Rogers says:

Great speech by J.K Rowling the Author of the Harry Potter books, she
explains the benefits of failure and how without it she would not have had
success in her life.

As Wish says:

J.K. Rowling’s address at Harvard 

Dibyendu De says:

A story that resonates with me!! 

Dave G says:

Hi everyone! As requested, I am sharing the video of JK Rowling’s Harvard
Commencement Speech, which I referred to in my earlier discussion post.

Thomas Fakename says:

Why is JK Rowling speaking at Harvard? somebody shove all of her books up
her anus and ill bake some popcorn and watch XD

Abhijit Ray says:

Excellent…nice explanations about life failures and imagination!!

AnnaJ55 says:

Proud Potterhead and Harvard student <3

Grace Roscioli says:

When I hear other people talking and giving so each I feel as though they
do not understand. I will always refer to this when I need inspiration.
Others all say the same things. This was original and touched my heart.

aljemax says:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so
cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. In which case, you
fail by default.”

mo ma says:

It brings me tears every single time!!!

Waterbender says:

well this is depressing. 

TJ Strong says:

Simply one of the best speeches I have ever had the joy and honor of

SasanyChan says:

she has warm gentle eyes… they make me calm.

Nobs Co says:

Rowling has been inspire me since I learnt about her! Thank you!

Nathan Bendich says:

Both articulate and kind, J.K. Rowling is a uniquely delightful human

Usuf Qureshi says:

From past 3 month i have watched this commencement speech multiple times &
something drives me back to watch it again & again… perhaps there’s
something deeper than i have though, simply because she makes me cry
silently, almost every time… i don’t know why, perhaps i find some
similarities or her voice of words resonates, or she is trying to tell me
something… today i feel, i have come a little closer to understand

Revs Vk says:

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our

Saumya Sunder says:

The best speech I have heard till date that resonates with my heart and

Kauê Soares da Silveira says:

“The fact that you are graduating from Harvard suggests that you are not
very well acquainted to failure. You might be driven by a fear of failure
quite as much as a desire for success. In fact, your conception of failure
might not be too far removed from the average person’s idea of success.”

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

dabdab10 says:

😀 16:24 thumbs up

adad says:

Harvard sucks

Jackie Yang says:

One of the best speeches written of all time. 

christine wasabi says:

“climbing out of poverty by your own efforts is something to pride
yourself” Great Speech!

Noel Luna says:

I understand what it means to fail. I relate with her story so much and I
am an aspiring author. Sometime when I felt like giving up I just look at
her bio or any writer and I keep going. 

Crystal Yang says:

This was such an inspiring speech. I really needed this, especially with
finals week coming up. I feel so empowered right now :)

Navneet Nayar says:

Just love it

darja25 says:

No pain, no gain.
Thank you J.K.Rowling. I’ll never read Harry Potter as long as I live, but
you’re an exceptional person.

Shona Borevitz says:

“what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” so true.

Jeffrey Sternberg says:

Great Comment Speeches 

fred church says:

shes a lady that puts her money inside her bra cup. i seen her doing that
at a casino in las vegas. nice

Francisco Verón says:


0:25 president first
0:26 members of The Hobbit corporation
0:29 and the border fences members of the faculty
0:33 proud parents and a buffalo

bleblo says:

she left me speechless. she touched upon the best things, unbelievable. she
deserves all the success she has, wow. she is special, but yet special in a
“bad” environment. it would be obious for me that all the people would
think as same as her. these are normal words for me, but yet so difficult
to hear

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