‘Jeopardy’ contestant puzzles, amuses fans with winnings, style

‘Jeopardy’ contestant puzzles, amuses fans with winnings, style

What is, $188,700? Correct.

“Jeopardy” contestant Austin Rogers, a bearded bartender from New York, has racked up an impressive five-day total of $188,700 on the Alex Trebek-hosted game show.

On Monday night alone, Rogers won $65,600. The record for a single-day sum is $77,000, set back in 2010 by a University of Delaware graduate student.

However, what’s making Rogers an internet sensation is his quirkiness and ability to capture viewers’ attention for the full half hour. That is, dancing, bobbing up and down and responding with a saddened tone to a question about The Eagles.

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“You don’t like The Eagles?” Trebek asks the contestant at one point during the show.

To this, Rogers just slowly shakes his head. But he got the question right.

Austin Rogers, a bearded bartender from New York, won $65,600 on “Jeopardy” Monday evening. He’s now a five-day champion with winnings of nearly $190,000.


“Two dislikes in one show. In one round! What can double jeopardy hold for us, and our champion?” Trebek says before a commercial break.

Rogers’ skill at the trivia game has helped him mount an impressive run on the program.

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As TheWrap points out, one wager on a Daily Double question went for $15,700. By Final Jeopardy, he’d accumulated $42,000.

What seems to have stuck with viewers is Rogers’ sensible brown blazer, slightly unkempt hair and the full beard.

Rogers’ unique exuberance has made him a social media hit, as evidenced below.

Some called him a Wes Anderson character, while others praised him as the lead singer of a hip indie band.

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Here are some tweets in response to Rogers’ dominance:

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