Jimmy Fallon defends lack of Trump talk

Jimmy Fallon defends lack of Trump talk

Jimmy Fallon is one of the few people in America able to ignore President Trump.

The late night show host — who has seen his rating slip as he’s avoided talking politics — says he has no intention of taking on the biggest story in the country.

“It’s just not what I do. I think it’d be weird for me to start doing it now,” Fallon said on “Today.”

“I don’t really even care that much about politics. I gotta be honest. I love pop culture more than I love politics. I’m just not that brain.”

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The “Tonight Show” has steadily dropped in viewership as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have taken over.

While it’s impossible to specifically pinpoint the cause of channel changes, “The Late Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” have gone hard against President Trump, devoting multiple monologues a week to the goings on in Washington.

On the other hand, Fallon’s most politically charged moment was ruffling the future President’s hair in September 2016.

“I’ve always made jokes about the President. We’ve only had Obama but I’ve made thousands of jokes. I remember having him on the show and I was like, ‘Sorry, that’s my job, I have to do what I have to do,’” the 43-year-old host said.

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“But with Trump, it’s just like, everyday is a new thing. He gives a lot of material, a lot of stuff is hard to make a joke about. It’s just too serious.”

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