Jimmy Fallon delights fellow diners at hot poultry restaurant

Jimmy Fallon delights fellow diners at hot poultry restaurant

Foodie Jimmy Fallon delighted diners at Chef Antoine Westermann’s Le Coq Rico: The Bistro of Beautiful Birds on Friday night when he walked up to the largest round table and asked fellow diners which chicken breed they were chowing down on.

Naturally the talk show host was immediately recognized and happily took photos with adoring fans. The “SNL” alum must love the chicken spot as it’s his third time there in a month.

Once he finished taking snaps Fallon and two pals ordered a veritable feast including an offal platter and duck fois gras and even took home leftovers. Fallon insisted on ordering the Brune Landaise, a prized breed that was introduced to the U.S. a few years ago, for his friends to savor.

The “Tonight Show” host recently debuted a special Yuletide video called “Twas the Trump Before Christmas” which is a mash-up of clips of Trump talking set to music. One of the lines Trump “sings” is “Twas the night before Christmas in Washington D.C., and not a person was working, but especially not me.”


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