Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing “We Can’t Stop” (A Cappella)

Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing “We Can’t Stop” (A Cappella)

Jimmy, Miley, and The Roots perform an a cappella version of “We Can’t Stop.” Subscribe NOW to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: http://full.sc/IcjtXJ Watch Late…

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Felicia thomas says:

It was cute or wateva

Heather Renee says:

Annnd this, my friends is why I can’t hate Hannah Montana for real. She can
sing and The Roots make everything AWESOME 

Makayla Rudder says:

She actually got talent, I disliked her until I saw this. I loved her in
Hannah Montana like the last season, but then she cut her hair, smoked weed
on STAGE. Private is 1 thing but on stage??? Than I thought her voice was
fake, but this is amazing. 

rap_game_oprah_winfrey says:

Questlove was cheesin hard when she started singing about BIG BUTTS and

Kitty Winfield says:

Love this so good!!!

Joshua Holland says:

love this.

tshiabrito says:

Awesome miley

kanishka roy says:

That was actually pretty good

MsVanessa995 says:

This is great! As good as than the original.

Joanesha Austin says:

Love it Miley keep doing you…Cause we can’t stop, no we won’t stop Lol
Yeah!!This song with that New Orleans Beat is a beast!!!!!

Mikey Carter says:

I like her singing‚ she does actually have talent and I love roots there
awesome the thing is its not surprising to see her with a bunch of black

Evie Nguyen says:

This is good

Dormunakai B. says:

Well I got to admit she got talent just wish would clean up her act a bit.

Vidya Gajadhar says:

Love it

fabricio vasquez says:

This looks better

The Magical Boy says:

Miley is just so bad….So….so….bad.

Not to mention she looks like a 12 year old boy.

Sara Adkins says:


lexi dorn says:

this is so good

Anne Ardiente says:

That is crazy bass. Like boom! XD

Bluelemonzz says:

Miley is so talented. I’m not quite sure why she adds all the oddities into
her performance. She would still be very successful in the business because
of her vocal skills alone.

talk2minie says:

I always like Miley’s new songs better when I’m not distracted by the crazy
video. Love this! But ppl, don’t do drugs lol

jessicapillay87 says:

The only version of this song I can actually tolerate.

Laura Bekiari says:

Miley you ‘re the best ♥

Sahar Amiri says:

Miely cyrus is awesome and what she did to get popular was great and smart
so if. You don’t like her than don’t judge her with her life its hers not
yours and shes sweet in the inside so let miely do whatever she wants 

Emily Hunter says:

She has such an incredible voice

KittenLover107 says:

Better than other version

TheDancing LPS says:


SuperChai64 says:

Like this because of the harmony

camila Olguin says:

Is perfect!!!

DerpyDome says:

0:29 “Can i get a hell no?”
*Thinks of VMAs*

kaylyn nouvongsa says:

She’s still beautiful whatever what u haters say

itselizza96 says:

jimmy Fallon propa getting into it…

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