Joanna Krupa: Her 19 Hottest Moments of All Time

Joanna Krupa: Her 19 Hottest Moments of All Time

Joanna Krupa is more than just a stunningly beautiful model, though that alone is impressive enough.

The 5-foot-7 Polish-born American is also a reality star thanks to The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing With The Stars.

She’s also an actress, having had roles on scripted television shows like Las Vegas and CSI as well as multiple films.

Most importantly, Joanna is an animal rights activist.

She’s participated in campaigns for PETA, opposing animal cruelty on an industrial scale. She’s been photographed in basically nothing but body paint to encourage lawmakers to ban circus animals from being tormented into performing.

And she’s demonstrated that she’s not afraid to bare all to get her point across.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some, in fact, don’t wear anything. Though Joanna Krupa looks as dazzling in clothing as out of it.

Take a look at some of her most gorgeous looks and you’ll see what we mean:

Even simple black bikinis aren’t so simple anymore now, are they?

She basically redefines what it means to look hot in a bikini, folks.

Her selfie game is FIRE

Her selfie game is FIRE

She shares her good looks with the world.

Her Fourth of July looks are next level

Her Fourth of July looks are next level

She’s Polish-born but she’s proud to be an American

Sometimes, she’s topless

Sometimes, she's topless

Here she is, topless in St. Lucia and … mind-blowingly gorgeous.

She captioned this one “weekend vibes”

She captioned this one "weekend vibes"

Most people only WISH that their weekends looks like this. Either the beach or like that bikini butt. Or both?

Joanna gets naked for PETA

Joanna gets naked for PETA

We know that this photo can be a little hard to look at. But isn’t that the point?

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