Joe Namath

Joe Namath

Joe Namath, New York Jets.

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Xavier Vega says:

The single hands down most overrated player in NFL history.

Jammin J T says:

Best player ever i guarantee it hahahahaha

Bryan Houston says:

Wow, Broadway Joe Namath is 70! How can this be? Just yesterday he was
wearing stockings. Now, diapers?

Jammin J T says:

Best player ever to play the game i guarantee it hahahahahahahaha

joe kewl says:

to really know how good he was you need to watch him at Alabama when his
knees were still good. The man could run and create plays

namath2k10 says:

Namath was a one of a kind talent…YOU had to be there when he
played…the NFL was a different game then and he changed the game…The
ESPN/Madden video game generation of today dont know what they are talking
about…I guess they are smarter then all the great coaches and players who
testify how great he was…all QBs are compared to Namath, he is compared
to no one. Just like with Muhammad Ali…you had to be there!

job777able says:

My favorite quarterback of all time. I’m from Drew Brees country and he is
good but to me, Joe was the best.

6400az says:

Starting at 2:10 That has to be Namath’s most perfect TD pass. The drop
back, the pass itself, not too high not to low, spiral……….anh oh
yes.Perfectly placed.

baajes says:

my gooood , the release!!! it’s sooo fucking good.

MelC54 says:

@everest00712 Do you really think Madden and Walsh are going to publicly
bash Namath? He played more than one good game in his career, but not many.
He played a lot of bad ones throwing 4, 5, or 6 interceptions. His mark on
the game is Super Bowl III and even then his numbers were pretty
pedestrian. Matt Snell and 5 Baltimore turnovers were the ingredients that
won that game.

Rose Marie says:

40 yards n a cloud of dust…..!!! What a guy ……sure got us ladies
interested in Monday night football…;-))

kkkkkkkkccccccc says:

4:02 – when he had a choice going short or long, joe willie always took it
deep. lol

James Gill says:

@AllPro777 Oh really, thanks for telling me that Johnny came in late in the
game. No kidding!!!! They did face in 1972 for your information and they
both had what may be considered their greatest games. Unitas threw for 396
yards and Namath threw for 496 yards and 6 touchdowns. Namath won by 10
points. So study up on your NFL history. By the way there would not have
been an AFL NFL merger or Superbowl if not for Namath.

garr4777 says:

my fav qb of all time,,,and then Montana

AllPro777 says:

@Coganboy, I didn’t “mock” Walsh or Madden. I stated the things THEY’VE
said. Go look it up. They weren’t always right. And you did no damage to my
claims. If Namath doesn’t win SB 3, we’re not talking about him now because
his overall body of work was weak. Unitas often spoke ill of him and NEVER
respected him as a great QB. Unitas was right. He saw Namath for the
imposter he was. And finally, I can watch and comment on whatever I like.
Don’t like my comments? Go to hell.

ebmdirectmarketing says:

He was the greatest. Forget about QB ratings. He filled stadiums. The first
Monday Night Football Game on ABC was Jets at Cleveland. No accident! It
was the star power. You don’t find that in QB ratings! Once, he threw 496
against the Colts (Baltimore) on 15 pass completions! I was at the game in
which he came back after 19 straight games. The Jets without him was a
lethargic. Once in to the game, the offense was like a racehorse. He almost
won the game. And of course the Super Bowl!

AllPro777 says:

Keep in mind that Walsh also had great things like that to say about Jake
Plummer and other guys that busted. And Madden has said lots of nonsense
over the years. Namath’s drop was ugly, and I guess Madden never payed
attention to Joe Montana’s because his was perfect. Take away Super Bowl 3,
and all you have is an inconsistent QB who threw 173 TD’s and *220 INT’s*,
who couldn’t stay healthy and didn’t have that many great games when he
did. Ever hear what Unitas thought of him? Wasn’t good.

MelC54 says:

One game. That’s all this jerk is remembered for. Go look up his passing
statistics. He threw more interceptions than touchdown passes and in the
only game he’s remembered for, it was a fullback, a placekicker and 5
turnovers that won the game. “I guarentee it” is now his second most famous
quote, replaced by “I want to kiss you” LOL

iCardsAndMore says:

Roll Tide!

revlooshin says:

…very hip, lotsa heart and lotsa lip. a swingin’ ladies man who has a
ball. but put a football in his hand and right away you’ll understand why
broadway joe’s the greatest of them all. he’s a hero, he’s a pro. he’s that
mr. somethin’ else that broadway joe. he’s a groovy kinda guy. he can put a
football through a needle’s eye.what a feeling, what a sight, when we see
that #12 in green and white. 1-2-3 yep! go-go-go. no one else can throw
like broadway joe!!!!!!!

impassable says:

I think he was the greatest, the jets D after 1971 was terrible

allanshawn says:

worst QB every joe INT Namth threw 220 ints only 173 tds fumble over 300
times won only 35:percent of the games he started if i was the new york
jets owner back then i would have beat the hell out of Joe Namth

MisterBouncyBounce says:

i know. i meant it wasn’t by accident that he was inducted. but i can see
how it can sound like he isn’t in and its a mistake. thats not what i

Irishway13 says:

very overrated player

C1rob says:

Namath was great student of the game. Imagine if he had two good knees.

MelC54 says:

@everest00712 And your point is? Did he ask too kiss you too?

James Gill says:

@MelC54 Now I get it. Your an NFL Fan. Namath kick your ass. You wanted the
Mighty Colts to win. This is a real case of jealsousy. Mel you are a Cry
Baby. Not only did Namath win the Superbowl, he guaranteed it. CRY BABY!!!!

BigETCB says:

i remember this guy when i eight years old buying the j c penny joe namath
jerseys my fucken hero still is he whuz what elvis whuz to rock and roll
farrah made her first commercial with joe paid him 3k to shave his fumanshu
the good old days

James Gill says:

I cant stop watching this video

panthers7775 says:

all everyone cares about is stats now just stfu he was a good qb thats all
you need to know.

St. Anthony Burr says:

I doubt many QBs threw 3 INTs in a quarter like Peyton the other night..
back then an average QB threw the ball less than 20 times a game

wreckx50 says:

Don’t watch football, but Joe Namath’s story and football skills deserves a
lot of respect.

hadmiar8 says:

okay. I thought you meant it was a miatake he’s not in the HOF, okay

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