Joy Behar’s ‘The Great Gasbag’ book party was full of laughs

Joy Behar’s ‘The Great Gasbag’ book party was full of laughs

It was a Joy to behold.

Film producer Henry Schleiff and his wife Peggy hosted a book party for comedian Joy Behar’s new Donald Trump inspired tome “The Great Gasbag” on Tuesday. And it was Schleiff who got all the laughs.

“According to Trump accounting, this is the largest crowd ever assembled for a book party,” the host joked.

He also wisecracked about the guest of honor’s connection to hands-on film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who stands accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

“I think we all know how direct and honest Joy is,” Schleiff continued. “I know for a fact that she stood up and said ‘NO!’ to Harvey, at a restaurant — and, he was only asking her to pass the salt!”

Behar was praised for the clever title of her book, referencing Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” But she said there she’d also kicked around other puns as possible titles. They included “The Son-in-Law Also Rises” and “The Age of Ignorance.”

Attending the literary fete were comedian Susie Essman, actor Alan Alda, newsman Don Lemon, talk show host Phil Donahue and Behar’s colleague on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg.


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