Julianne Moore talks gun control at movie premiere

Julianne Moore talks gun control at movie premiere

Julianne Moore, who is starring in an upcoming untitled David O. Russell television project co-produced by the Weinstein Co., didn’t say anything about the sex scandal engulfing its chief, Harvey Weinstein.

But when the Oscar-winner appeared at the New York Film Festival premiere of her latest film “Wonderstruck” at Lincoln Center, she was happy to talk about a cause that is very personal to her – gun control.

“The person I was most inspired by in gun safety was Shannon Watts, who started a Facebook page after Sandy Hook,” Moore told Confidential. And despite the recent massacre in Las Vegas that saw 58 dead and nearly 500 wounded, she is confident that things can change.

“We’ve been making progress state by state by state, and I really do believe that’s what we have to continue to do. We’ll continue to do everything we can to change gun regulations because it does make a difference.”

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Moore – who has also collaborated with the movie’s director, Todd Haynes, on “Safe” and “Far From Heaven” – says the duo has a very easy working relationship that doesn’t involve many words.

“We’re both on the same creative wavelength, so we don’t talk a lot,” she explained. “I don’t think either one of us likes to talk a lot, so I feel like I understand what he wants by what I see on the page, and then, when you get to the set, it’s his perspective. I’m always so moved by his visual point of view.”

Haynes said working with Moore makes him “giddy” and causes him to crack up on set – leading to him getting banished a lot.

He was a little more forthcoming about Weinstein.

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“I think it’s very, very distressing news to hear,” he said. “I think the women who have come out are very courageous; I don’t think it’s easy.”

Costume designer Sandy Powell, who won an Oscar for her work on 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love,” which was produced by Weinstein’s studio Miramax, declined to comment on Weinstein.

“Wonderstruck,” based on a Brian Selznick book, hits theaters Oct. 20.

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