Justin Theroux’s neighbor ‘compulsively’ pesters him in apartment

Justin Theroux’s neighbor ‘compulsively’ pesters him in apartment

Justin Theroux’s nemesis neighbor is “compulsively” hassling “The Leftovers” star in his Greenwich Village apartment, new papers charge in the increasingly nasty feud.

In documents filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, Theroux included a Sept. 22 photo of his neighbor, Norman Resnicow, wearing pajamas and allegedly hassling workers renovating his roof deck.

“Resnicow is observed compulsively involving himself in his neighbors’ business, including just days ago when he literally climbed out of his second-floor window wearing pajamas and brazenly trespassed onto Mr. Theroux’s property to confront Mr. Theroux’s workers,” Theroux’s attorney, Eric Sherman, charged.

Theroux filed suit in May against Resnicow, who is a lawyer, charging that the downstairs neighbor was improperly demanding $30,000 in soundproofing and had ruined ivy along exterior walls in the co-op building.

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Resnicow fired back, alleging Theroux — who married “Friends” star Jennifer Anniston in 2015 — had neglected his dogs. The poor pooches were “yowling and crying,” “sad, isolated, lonely” and “left for several years,” Resnicow said.

Norman Resnicow (pictured), on Sept. 22 wearing pajamas and allegedly hassling workers renovating Justin Theroux’s roof.

(Court Document)

But Theroux insisted in new papers that is nonsense.

“Resnicow pathetically attempts to exploit the fact that Mr. Theroux is deeply committed to promoting awareness of sheltered animals; Attorney Resnicow does so by implying that Mr. Theroux was operating his own informal shelter out of his apartment, which is totally false,” the court papers read. “Like any responsible pet owner, either Mr. Theroux or others (walkers, etc.) assiduously cared for Mr. Theroux’s pets, lavishing them with attention. They were never neglected.”

Resnicow’s attorney said his client was confident in his case and would not be “distracted.”

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“Justin Theroux will have his opportunity, as all litigants do, to present his case in court. He should do so in a professional way without resorting to ad hominem attacks. He’s clearly playing to an audience and I find that very unfortunate,” attorney Peter Levine said. 

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